Lightspeed shopify integration

Integrate your Lightspeed Retail POS with Bigcommerce store in just a few clicks, within five minutes you can connect and configure both platforms together. Easy to manage Products, Inventory, price levels, product type, meta description, tags, Sales Orders, and customers.

  Sync product details, prices and inventory from Lightspeed to your Bigcommerce store
  Sync simple as well as variation products
  Sync multi-store inventory
  Sync multi-level products' prices, tags and meta descriptions
  Sync Lightspeed custom fields with your Bigcommerce store
  Post your Bigcommerce orders and customers into Lightspeed
  Stop double entry of data and reduce errors
  Securely process high volumes of data
  Proficient and friendly 24*7 support
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Lightspeed integration

Key Features

  Make Lightspeed POS the center of your online business.
  Connect Lightspeed Retail with Bigcommerce store, sync Inventory, Orders, Customers, and automate manual processes.
  Create products in Lightspeed POS once and see them reflecting on your Bigcommerce store.
  Constant integration keeps your inventory up to date on Bigcommerce and in-store.
  Full control over product information like Title, long & short descriptions, variations, stock, dimensions, custom fields, tags, weight, images, and etc.
  Sync Lightspeed’s multiple price levels to the Bigcommerce
  Assign promotional or sales price on products as well as regular pricing in Lightspeed POS it will reflect on your Bigcommerce store.
  Sync Bigcommerce orders information to your Lightspeed POS system.
  Sync customers' information from the Bigcommerce store to your Lightspeed POS.

Monthly Plan

$59.00 USD

This plan provides near to real-time synchronization between Lightspeed Retail and Bigcommerce.


This plan comes with unlimited integrations and unlimited products & orders sync and 24/7 support.

  Unlimited Catalog Processing
  Unlimited Order Processing
  No percentage of transaction fees
  Near to real-time sync
  Connect in minutes
  14 days of a free trial. No credit card required
  Month-to-month subscription
No annual contracts
  No hidden charges
  24*7 Support, always eager to help

Proficient and friendly 24*7 support, always eager to help
Meet our friendly and professional support experts to get your queries resolved quickly.

Three Steps to get ready!

1. Connect:
Connect your Lightspeed POS and Bigcommerce in minutes.



2. Configure:
After connecting Lightspeed and Bigcommerce, just configure your sync in a well-detailed user interface.



3. Sync:
After configuring Lightspeed Retail POS just start the sync from Lightspeed to SKUPlugs.

No programming or technical knowledge required in these three easy steps.

Key Benefits

  Automate inventory sync
  Products, Variants, and Images sync
  Sync selected products
  Multiple price level sync
  Custom Attributes & Tags sync
  Prevent overselling 

  Automate orders & Customers sync
  No manual work
  Expand sales reach to marketplaces
  Increase revenue and growth
  Expand your reach and increase your sales
  Bust your productive

  Seamlessly integration
  Eliminate double data entry
  Easy to connect
  Save time and effort
  Set and forget methodology
  Able to connect multiple sales channels

Start your 14 days free trial today. No credit card required.