Lightspeed Lazada Integration

If you are an upcoming entrepreneur or have an existing small or medium-sized business that you would like to expand then opting for a website to sell your goods is an excellent idea. Moreover, you can end up saving loads of money while gaining clients across the country and sometimes even the world. even if you are not tech-savvy, there are several applications available that can make it easy
for you to not just conduct business but also manage inventory. Point of sale (POS) applications and eCommerce websites have made it easy for almost anyone with an excellent idea or product to earn big. There are several options available for POS apps and eCommerce platforms. If you are looking for the perfect combination, Lightspeed Lazada Integration is an excellent option.

Why is Lightspeed one of the most sought-after POS application?

POS applications have made things easy for the brick and mortar stores as well as online stores. Their integration with eCommerce platforms makes it easy for you to manage your sales, inventory, stock, customer information, as well as employee performance. Though there are several POS applications in the market, Lightspeed has earned a fair share of loyal customers. The reasons which
have resulted in its popularity include:

  • Inventory management is easy. The import tool helps in transferring data from one platform to another through an Excel file. You can place an order for your stock directly through Lightspeed. What is more, you can easily update your catalogs from the POS; create a purchase order from different vendors, and; create orders for customers directly.
  • Reports and analytics on hand. You easily get to know which stocks are mostly ordered and which customers frequently shop at your shop. Any real-time data concerning your business and its performance is readily available. You can also track your sales, employee performance, and get reports and accounts automatically.
  • The flexibility of working anywhere. You can customize the POS for your retail store and clear the waiting line by bringing it on the spot for faster transactions. Since it is quite easy to use, employee training hardly takes any time. you can even check the inventory status through any mobile device.
  • One POS for several stores. Tracking inventory for multiple stores (retail or eCommerce) is easy through Lightspeed. You can place the order for different locations and redistribute it as per requirement. Increasing your customer base is easy with exclusive gift cards. A centralized database of your customer’s purchase history makes it easy to identify your loyal customers.
  • Several payments channel. Thanks to Lightspeed, you can take payments through mobile as it allows several payment methods offering customers the flexibility of choosing their favored mode of payment. This option is available for both in-store and online customers. Since everything is computerized, refunds can be done easily.
  • Manage customers easily. The customer management tools make it easy to retain loyal customers by providing them suggestions based on previous purchases. Providing them with gift cards can help retain loyal customers and gain new customers too! You can even create profiles for customers to offer them customized service and offer them discounts as per
    their shopping.

Know more about Lazada

One of the major players that have emerged in the eCommerce platform sector is the B2B2C marketplace Lazada. Through this platform, retailers can easily sell their goods. It offers goods in groceries, electronics, beauty products, men and women fashion, home, and furnishing, as well as automotive. The platform is available in most South-East Asian nations and offers a seamless
transaction for the users. Since Lazada Malaysia along with other nations offers to handle shipping, payments, and recoveries for the merchants, they can put their entire focus on providing excellent quality goods to the best-suited client demographic. You will be surprised to know that Lazada Philippines and its neighboring countries can be used by consumers for shopping for goods. They can use the website or the mobile application to get the desired goods.

Since its launch in 2012, Lazada has gained several customers. Lazada Vietnam along with Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand was initially meant to sell consumer goods like electronics and clothing to prospective clients. This B2B was later amended to the marketplace model of B2B2C through which 3 rd party sellers can also sell their goods using the platform. Since its amendment, more than 70% of business was conducted through the B2B2C which led to the launch of Lazada Singapore. Through this platform, vendors can sell different types of consumer goods and durables including grocery delivery from local supermarkets.

What are the advantages of Lightspeed integration with Lazada?

Considering that Lazada Indonesia offers a marketplace across several South-East Asian nations where vendors can easily sell different types of goods, it is ideally, the best platform for your eCommerce business. once you have created a seller account, all you need to do is integrate it with your POS. After Inventory sync on Lazada, all data between your eCommerce platform and POS will
be synced. Any updates made on either are automatically reflected on the other one. If you are a vendor using Lazada Thailand and wish to integrate it with your POS, Lightspeed, there are several advantages of it. These include:

  • When you opt for Lightspeed Lazada Integration, you can transfer the details of all your customers from the POS to the eCommerce platform making it easy for you to sell your products. You can improve your sales tremendously by giving your loyal customers promotions and discounts.
  • Keeping track of inventory is easy which prevent overselling that can result in negative feedback from clients. This is a common problem encountered by vendors who are selling on multiple channels. Lightspeed ensures that the inventory is synced across all eCommerce and retail stores so that the client is never disappointed.

Considering the advantages, we can help you with Lightspeed Lazada Integration which can help you to easily upload the details of your products along with the photos and descriptions without wasting any time.

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