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Integrate your Lightspeed Retail POS with Squarespace store in just a few clicks, within five minutes you can connect and configure both platforms together. Easy to manage Products, Inventory, price levels, product type, meta description, tags, Sales Orders, and customers.

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    Our Work Flow

    Connect your Lightspeed and Squarespace in few clicks and configure it as per your business requirement. Enjoy the Sync!!


    Connect Lightspeed

    Connect Lightspeed with your Squarespace store in few clicks. Easy and user friendly user interface to connect both platforms.


    Configure & sync

    Configure both platforms with each other as per your business requirement and set the syncing rules.


    24x7 Online Support

    Our 24x7 online support team will keeping you always connected. You can talk to our boarding and product experts anytime.

    Our Best Pricing Plan

    No annual contracts. Month-to-month subscription. No hidden charges.


    $0/15 Days

    • Unlimited Products
    • Unlimited Orders
    • No percentage of transaction fees
    • 1 Integration
    • No Setup Fee
    • Support: Chat & email

    Additional Sales Channel


    • Unlimited Products
    • Unlimited Orders
    • No percentage of transaction fees
    • Unlimited Integration
    • No Setup Fee for additional integration
    • Support: Skype, Chat & email

    The Power of Integration

    Utilizing the Lightspeed Squarespace integration by SKUPlugs offers benefits such as a seamless e-commerce experience, time and resource savings, enhanced data accuracy, and a streamlined customer experience. This integration can help you run a more efficient and customer-focused online store.

    Seamless E-commerce Experience

    Using the Lightspeed Squarespace integration by SKUPlugs ensures a seamless e-commerce experience for both you and your customers. You can effortlessly list and manage your Lightspeed inventory on your Squarespace online store, maintaining consistent product information and inventory levels.

    Time and Resource Savings

    This integration automates various aspects of your e-commerce business, including product updates, inventory management, and order processing. This saves you valuable time and resources that you can redirect toward other critical business activities or growth strategies.

    Enhanced Data Accuracy

    Real-time synchronization between Lightspeed and Squarespace ensures that your product listings and inventory levels are always up to date. This accuracy helps prevent overselling, backorders, and customer dissatisfaction, ultimately improving the reliability of your online store.

    Streamlined Customer Experience

    When your inventory and product information are consistently updated, your customers can enjoy a smooth and reliable shopping experience. They can browse and purchase products with confidence, knowing that what they see on your Squarespace site is accurate and available in stock.

    About Lightspeed

    Lightspeed is a global leader in retail, restaurant, and golf management software that is recognized worldwide for its rich functionality, multi-national ability, and unique flexibility. It is a Cloud-based Point-of-Sale system that is perfect for small and multistore businesses. It is a strong POS system with an easy-to-change user interface, flexible reporting, and quick and easy promotion tools.

    Lightspeed allows businesses to scale products and inventory. When you expand your business to more locations, it will be as simple as opening a new account, copying the menu from one of the existing sites, switching the tablets on, and opening the doors. You can enable multiple payment types like Credit Cards, mobile, and contactless payment.

    Lightspeed Retail has every functionality that you need to happy your customer’s at the checkout counter and beyond. It provides a good API interface so that you can connect your business with other shopping carts(Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce, Bigcommerce, Wix, Squarespace) and marketplaces as well.

    Lightspeed Integration

    Integrate Lightspeed with


    Sign up with us and start your 15 days trial account. Connect your Lightspeed and Squarespace in a few clicks and sync unlimited products from Lightspeed to the Squarespace store and sync unlimited orders from Squarespace to Lightspeed with customer’s details.

    No contract is required, it’s a monthly subscription-based service.

    No credit is required for the trial plan. 

    No, you don’t need to install any plugin to connect with Lightspeed POS. You just need to authorize our application to connect with your Lightspeed.

    Yes, you can sync the selected products with your Squarespace store. You can set the configuration rules as per your business requirement.

    Yes, you can use any specific price level for your connected cart’s products. You will have all the price levels created in Lightspeed and you can use any of them for a connected cart.

    Yes, you can connect multiple sales channels along with Squarespace . if the sales channel is not listed on the website you can contact us at [email protected]. We will develop the custom integration for you but the cost may include.

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