Faire Integration

Faire is one of the fastest-growing marketplaces. All across the world Faire provide a different extension to meet retailers requirement in their region, that’s why many retailers of all range want to take advantage of selling their products on their regional Faire platform. You can sync real-time inventory and order using our Faire Integration


We at SKUPlugs provide you a very reliable solution for Faire Integration that cuts your cost, time and additional efforts to synchronize your product’s stock and price from connected POS/ERP to your Faire Seller Central account. Our Faire Integration will automatically download your sales orders into your connected POS/ERP.

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    Our Work Flow

    Connect your POS/ERP and Faire in few clicks and configure it as per your business requirement. Enjoy the Sync!!


    Connect Faire

    Connect your Faire and POS/ERP in few clicks and configure it as per your business requirement. Enjoy the Sync!!


    Configure & sync

    Configure both platforms with each other as per your business requirement and set the syncing rules.


    24x7 Online Support

    Our 24x7 online support team will keeping you always connected. You can talk to our boarding and product experts anytime.

    Our Best Pricing Plan

    No annual contracts. Month-to-month subscription. No hidden charges.


    $0/15 Days

    • Unlimited Products
    • Unlimited Orders
    • No percentage of transaction fees
    • 1 Integration
    • No Setup Fee
    • Support: Chat & email

    Multi Channel


    • Unlimited Products
    • Unlimited Orders
    • No percentage of transaction fees
    • Unlimited Integration
    • No Setup Fee for additional integration
    • Support: Skype, Chat & email

    The Power of Integration

    Incorporating Faire Integration with your POS/ERP systems using SKUPlugs is a smart move to boost efficiency, reduce errors, and expand your business's reach. It simplifies the complexities of managing multiple sales channels while giving you valuable insights to make data-driven decisions.

    Real-Time Inventory Sync

    SKUPlugs enables seamless synchronization of your Faire inventory with your Point of Sale (POS) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. This means that as soon as a product is sold on Faire or updated in your POS/ERP, the changes are reflected in real-time across all platforms. Say goodbye to over-selling or under-selling headaches!

    Order Management Automation

    Managing Faire orders can be a complex task, but SKUPlugs simplifies it. It automates order creation, updates, and fulfillment processes. When a customer places an order on Faire, the relevant data is automatically transferred to your POS/ERP system, streamlining your workflow and reducing manual input errors.

    Multi-Channel Selling

    SKUPlugs empowers you to expand your sales channels by integrating Faire with your POS/ERP system. This means you can manage your products and sales not only on Faire but also in your physical stores or other online platforms, all from a centralized system. It enhances your reach and enables you to tap into a broader customer base.

    Comprehensive Repoting and Analytics

    SKUPlugs provides access to in-depth reporting and analytics tools. You can analyse your sales performance, track product popularity, and gain insights into customer behaviour across both your physical and online sales channels. This data-driven approach helps you make informed decisions to optimize your business strategies.

    Integrate Faire with


    Sign up with us and start your 15 days trial account. Connect your POS/ERP and Faire in a few clicks and sync unlimited products from POS/ERP to Faire seller central and sync unlimited orders from Faire to Connected POS/ERP with customer’s detail.

    No contract is required, it’s a monthly subscription-based service.

    No credit is required for the trial plan. 

    Yes, you can sync the selected products on your Faire store. You can sync the selected fields as well.

    Yes, you can sync different price for your Faire products. Price must be exists in your connected POS/ERP

    Yes, you can connect multiple sales channels along with Faire and you need to pay the monthly fee on the basis of connected carts. if the sales channel is not listed on the website you can contact us at [email protected]. We will develop the custom integration for you but the cost may include.