WooCommerce to Zoho Inventory Data Migration

Data migration from WooCommerce to Zoho Inventory is no longer a complicated task as SKUPlugs provides an automated solution that saves valuable time and manual effort. The product details, order details, product prices, customers’ data, and other associated data can be transferred seamlessly, precisely, and safely from WooCommerce to Zoho Inventory. Check out our free trial plan or other packages to know how we could assist you with the most effective data migration services.

What Data Can Be Migrated?

After setting up the migration, several forms of data can be migrated from WooCommerce to Zoho Inventory.

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    How to Migrate Data from WooCommerce to Zoho Inventory?

    It is all just a matter of the following 3 simpler steps that are easier to implement. Before working on these steps, we backup WooCommerce store database and create a new Zoho Inventory account.

    Connect Source & Target Cart

    Select WooCommerce as the source cart and Zoho Inventory as the target cart from the drop-down lists for their connection. Input the URLs of your stores in the respective sections and follow the steps instructed to connect the carts.

    Data Selection/Migration Configuration

    Pick the WooCommerce data you wish to migrate to Zoho Inventory. For example, products, customers, product categories, orders. This step also includes the selection of additional options to tailor the migration process based on your requirements. You can select migrating just a few or all entities. Be sure to map order status and lingo to let them appear respectively on the Zoho Inventory.

    Demo & Complete Migration Process

    The next step consists of launching a free demo to ensure everything is working fine with no errors and obstacles. After receiving your approval and ensuring complete satisfaction, we’ll start the full migration process. After its launching, the migration will run continuously on the server even after turning off the browser and your PC. So, you can rest assured about the working of our WooCommerce to Zoho Inventory data migration service all the time without turning on your PC

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    Highest Level of Data Security During Migration

    At SKUPlugs, data security is first priority. We have employed a separate team, specialized in innovative technologies, policies, and key practices to keep data secured at the highest level. We ensure complete server and data security as we are compliant with GDPR regulations.

    Data Security & Access

    The entire data is protected by 128-bit SSL encryption and HTTPS protocol. Nothing is stored in our server and nothing is disclosed to any third party. The source code access is given only to authorized professionals for managing the custom data migration requests.

    Payment Security

    The payment is processed by secure and original payment method. We don’t keep any payment details with us.

    100% Confidentiality

    As discussed above, we never share or use your data for any purpose except for data migration. Your data will always remain confidential as we don’t keep them with us after the migration.

    Why Rely on SKUPlugs for Data Migration?


    So, if you find that your online store no longer fits with WooCommerce and wish to migrate it to Zoho Inventory, then contact us to get it done seamlessly. We will assure you that all your data will remain well preserved and your online store is running in no time. The data migration will allow you to transfer all new entities to a new store.


    Opting for WooCommerce to Zoho Inventory data migration helps in solving the complexity of WooCommerce. It provides a high level of website and data security. Your online store will remain reliable with around 99.98% uptime. Another reason for data migration is to avoid the hassle of constant updates. Transferring WooCommerce data to Zoho Inventory helps in preventing disruptions in the store performance happen due to a lack of updates. Constant updates, no downtime, and a reliable website help in growing the online business by reaching potential customers and maximizing the sales volume.

    If you’re struggling with constant updates and multiple WooCommerce extensions, you must go with WooCommerce to Zoho Inventory data migration. It will make your online store more secure and faster with a huge surge in sales. You can benefit from a big range of features and functionalities of Zoho Inventory which is completely user-friendly.

    You can’t migrate so many languages. For this, you may require another alternative.