Wix Integration

Wix provides a well-optimized shopping cart and our Wix integration can easily integrate with your Wix store with available POS like Erply, Zoho Inventory, Loyverse, LightSpeed Retail and VendHq. Using our integration platform you can save your time, money and additional efforts. Our Wix Integration will synchronize your connected POS/ERP product data with the Wix store without any manual work. Our integration will automatically synchronize your sales order and customer details to the connected POS/ERP.

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    Key Features

    Accurate inventory syncing to avoid overselling. Save time and reduce costly errors. No programming skills needed.

    Unlimited Catalog processing

    Sync unlimited products from your POS/ERP to connected shopping cart.

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    Unlimited Order Processing

    Sync unlimited orders from Shopping cart to connected POS/ERP.

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    Sync Multi-Store Inventory

    Automatically synchronize inventory across multiple stores.

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    Multi Channel Sync

    Integrate your products with all of your favourite marketplaces.

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    24×7 Support

    Meet our professional support experts to get your queries resolved quickly.

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    Our Work Flow

    Connect your Wix and POS/ERP in few clicks and configure it as per your business requirement. Enjoy the Sync!!


    Connect Wix

    Connect Wix and POS/ERP in few clicks. Easy and user friendly user interface to connect both platforms.


    Configure & sync

    Configure both platforms with each other as per your business requirement and set the syncing rules.


    24x7 Online Support

    Our 24x7 online support team will keeping you always connected. You can talk to our boarding and product experts anytime.

    Our Best Pricing Plan

    No annual contracts. Month-to-month subscription. No hidden charges.


    $0/15 Days

    • Unlimited Products
    • Unlimited Orders
    • No percentage of transaction fees
    • 1 Integration
    • No Setup Fee
    • Support: Chat & email

    Multi Channel


    • Unlimited Products
    • Unlimited Orders
    • No percentage of transaction fees
    • Unlimited Integration
    • No Setup Fee for additional integration
    • Support: Skype, Chat & email

    The Power of Integration

    Wix Integration with POS/ERP systems using SKUPlugs offers a comprehensive set of features that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of e-commerce operations. Real-time inventory synchronization, automated order management, simplified product catalog management, and integrated customer data all contribute to a more streamlined and customer-centric approach to running an online store.

    Near to Real-Time Inventory Synchronization

    This integration provides real-time synchronization of inventory between your Wix online store and your POS/ERP system. As products are sold either online or in your physical store, inventory levels are updated instantly across all platforms. This eliminates the risk of overselling, ensures accurate product availability, and enhances customer satisfaction by preventing backorders or out-of-stock issues. Real-time inventory management allows businesses to optimize stock levels and improve overall customer satisfaction.

    Integrated Customer Data

    The integration facilitates the synchronization of customer data between your Wix store and your POS/ERP system. Customer profiles, purchase history, and preferences are accessible and consistent across all platforms. Leveraging this data enables businesses to personalize marketing campaigns, offer tailored product recommendations, and deliver a seamless and personalized shopping experience for customers. Improved customer engagement and retention are the key benefits of this feature, as it helps build stronger customer relationships and drives repeat business.

    Effortless Order Management

    Wix Integration with SKUPlugs automates the transfer of orders placed on your Wix store to your POS/ERP system. This feature streamlines order processing by eliminating the need for manual data entry. You can efficiently manage and fulfill orders from a centralized dashboard, reducing processing time and minimizing the potential for errors. Faster order fulfillment leads to improved customer satisfaction and potentially higher ratings for your store.

    Comprehensive Product Data Transfer

    Managing your product catalog becomes more efficient with SKUPlugs' Wix Integration. You can easily list and update products from your POS/ERP system to your Wix store, including detailed product descriptions, images, pricing, and inventory data. Consistency in product information across all sales channels enhances your brand's credibility and professionalism. Whether you have a vast catalog or frequently introduce new products, this feature simplifies the process of keeping your online store up-to-date.

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    Sign up with us and start your 15 days trial account. Connect your POS/ERP and Wix in a few clicks and sync unlimited products from POS/ERP to Wix store and sync unlimited orders from Wix to Connected with customers detail.

    No contract is required, it’s a monthly subscription-based service.

    No credit is required for the trial plan. 

    No, you don’t need to install any plugin to connect with Wix. You just need to authorize our application to connect with your Wix.

    Yes, you can sync the selected products on your Wix store. You can sync the selected fields as well.

    Yes, you can connect multiple sales channels along with Wix and you need to pay the monthly fee on the basis of connected carts. if the sales channel is not listed on the website you can contact us at [email protected]. We will develop the custom integration for you but the cost may include.

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