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We enriching and simplify POS integration with eCommerce and Marketplace for brick-and-mortar businesses. Scale your business confidently with SKUPlugs – Just focus on sales rest we will manage.


SKU Plugs brings the most advanced cloud-based Erply Point of Sale integration solution that provides peace of mind to you in your business operations.
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WooCommerce provides a well optimized shopping cart and our WooCommerce Integration can easily integrate with your WooCommerce application.
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BigCommerce is a leading ecommerce platform for fast growing retailers. Improve online sales with a web store powered by BigCommerce.
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Lightspeed POS is a complete inventory management system, all the data you need to make the right decisions.
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Magento is a powerful e-commerce platform, it support highly customization that other platform cannot support these days.
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One such a platform that gives an immense opportunity to small retailers to sell their products in an online environment is Farfetch.
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Windward is a World’s Most Adaptable Business Management Software. It is designed for ultimate smooth sailing.
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Shopify provides a well optimized shopping cart and our Shopify Integration can easily integrate with your Shopify application.
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With Amazon from North America to Japan, you shouldn't ignore Amazon as a sales channel, that's why you need Amazon Seller Integration.
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Our services

Point of Sale Integration

Enhance the power of your Point Of Sale to develop a new business modal that increase your sales and reach your end users all across the world by managing your inventory and sales at your Point Of Sale. Currently we are supporting Erply Integration, VendHq Integration, Windward Integration, LightSpeed Integration and we are continue adding new POS in our list to facilitates more retailers.

Marketplaces Integration

As we all know marketplaces has a very potential market and as a reseller you can increase you sale by uploading inventory on marketplaces, sell your products and track orders at one place. Currently we are supporting Amazon Integration, Google Shopping Integration, Fancy integration, SmartEtailing Integration, FarFetch Integration and Souq Integration.

Shopping Cart Integrations

Shopping carts integration with Point Of Sale reduce an additional efforts, time, money and expenses in maintaining inventory in multiple locations. Through our integrations you can automatically synchronize your POS products data with your online shopping carts. Currently we are supporting Magento Integration, WooCommerce Integration, Shopify integration and BigCommerce Integration.

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About us

SKU Plugs is a global leader in providing integrated ecommerce solutions for retailers all over the world. we are a team of highly Skilled Product Experts, who understand your business model and make it easy and simple for all type of retailers to minimize backorders and extend their reach by serving new and existing customers. We are well experienced in POS/ERP integration with different marketplaces and shopping carts and we are continue adding more POS, marketplaces and shopping carts integrations from all over the world in our list. that’s another reason why retailers choose SKU Plugs for their online endeavors.

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✔Integrate your systems and eliminate manual data entry between your eCommerce, POS, ERP and Marketplaces

✔Increase operational efficiency by reducing data processing time and eliminating costly data errors

✔Power consistent customer experiences to drive revenue and build confidence to expand to new sales channels

How we integrate systems

SKU Plugs is a cloud-based SaaS software that sits between your numerous endpoint systems. Our pre-built and configurable integration solutions connect your existing systems via open APIs or SFTP (flat-file) to sync data and automate business processes. Learn more about how we integrate your systems.