Farfetch Integration

SKUPlugs solution unifies the offline & online store operations by connecting the Farfetch marketplace with your existing physical store setups.

Farfetch Integration with POS/ERP works on a two-way principle integration that enables the information flow from your POS system to Farfetch and allows downloading the Farfetch orders into the retailer’s POS/ERP system. It is an automated process where no manual intervention is needed, hence, the scope of manual error also gets ended. Farfetch integration with your POS system will improvise operation efficiencies, increase productivity, make appropriate changes to the inventory or stock, increases customer satisfaction, and most importantly, save you time.

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    Our Work Flow

    Connect your POS/ERP and Farfetch boutique in few clicks and configure it as per your business requirement. Enjoy the Sync!!


    Connect Farfetch

    Connect your Farfetch boutique and POS/ERP in few clicks and configure it as per your business requirement. Enjoy the Sync!!


    Configure & sync

    Configure both platforms with each other as per your business requirement and set the syncing rules.


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    Our 24x7 online support team will keeping you always connected. You can talk to our boarding and product experts anytime.

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    • Unlimited Products
    • Unlimited Orders
    • No percentage of transaction fees
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    The Power of Integration

    Integrating Farfetch with your POS/ERP systems using SKUPlugs enhances operational efficiency, reduces manual tasks, and expands your reach, allowing you to tap into the Farfetch marketplace and offer a seamless shopping experience to your customers.

    Effortless Inventory Synchronization

    SKUPlugs enables seamless synchronization of your Farfetch inventory with your Point of Sale (POS) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Your inventory levels remain up-to-date across all sales channels, eliminating issues like overstocking or understocking.

    Automated Order Management

    Managing orders from Farfetch becomes hassle-free with SKUPlugs. It automates order creation, tracking, and fulfillment processes. When a customer places an order on Farfetch, SKUPlugs instantly transfers the order data to your POS/ERP system, ensuring efficient and accurate order handling.

    Multi-Channel Sales Integration

    SKUPlugs empowers you to expand your sales channels by seamlessly integrating Farfetch with your POS/ERP system. This means you can not only manage your Farfetch listings but also synchronize your product data and sales operations with your physical stores and other online platforms, broadening your reach.

    Unified Product Management

    With SKUPlugs, you can centrally manage your product catalog. Changes in product details, pricing, or availability are instantly updated across all connected channels, including Farfetch. This simplifies product management and helps you maintain consistency in your listings.

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    No credit is required for the trial plan. 

    Yes, you can sync the selected products on your Farfetch store. You can sync the selected fields as well.

    Yes, you can sync different prices for your Farfetch products. The price must exist in your connected POS/ERP.

    Yes, you can connect multiple sales channels along with Farfetch and you need to pay the monthly fee on the basis of connected carts. if the sales channel is not listed on the website you can contact us at [email protected]. We will develop the custom integration for you but the cost may include.

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