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Are you a fashion retailer looking to expand your brand’s reach and gain exposure to a global audience of luxury shoppers? If you’re using Lightspeed (X-Series) POS as your point of sale (POS) system and dreaming of connecting with the prestigious Farfetch marketplace, your aspirations can become a reality! Integrate Lightspeed (X-Series) POS with Farfetch seamlessly through SKUPlugs and open the doors to a world of new possibilities for your fashion business.

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    Key Features of Lightspeed (X-Series) POS Farfetch Integration via SKUPlugs

    Enter the Luxury Fashion Market

    Farfetch is one of the world's leading online luxury fashion platforms, attracting discerning shoppers from around the globe. By integrating your Lightspeed (X-Series) POS store with Farfetch through SKUPlugs, you gain access to a sophisticated and affluent audience, positioning your brand on a premium retail stage.

    Order Management Made Seamless

    With SKUPlugs, when a customer places an order on Farfetch, the order details are instantly imported into your Lightspeed (X-Series) POS system. This integration streamlines your order management process, allowing you to fulfill Farfetch orders efficiently, just like your in-store sales.

    Real-Time Inventory Sync

    Keep your inventory up to date across both Lightspeed (X-Series) POS and Farfetch in real-time. When a product is sold on Farfetch or in your physical store, SKUPlugs ensures that the inventory levels are automatically updated on both platforms, preventing any discrepancies and ensuring smooth operations.

    Full Control of Branding and Inventory

    Retain full control of your brand presence on Farfetch. With SKUPlugs, you can customize your Farfetch store to align with your brand's aesthetics and maintain complete control over your inventory and pricing.

    Automated Price and Product Updates

    Maintain consistency across both platforms effortlessly. Any changes made to your product details or pricing in Lightspeed (X-Series) POS will be automatically reflected on Farfetch via SKUPlugs, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for your luxury customers.

    Centralized Sales Reporting

    Gain a holistic view of your fashion business's performance with centralized reporting. SKUPlugs consolidates sales data from both Lightspeed (X-Series) POS and Farfetch, providing valuable insights and analytics to drive informed decisions and strategies.

    Dedicated Support

    We understand the significance of a smooth integration experience. Our dedicated customer support team is available to assist you at every step, ensuring a seamless and successful integration with Farfetch.

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    Getting Started with SKUPlugs Lightspeed (X-Series) POS Farfetch Integration


    Sign Up

    Create an account on SKUPlugs and connect your Lightspeed (X-Series) POS store with Farfetch.


    Configure Settings

    Configure the integration settings to match your brand's requirements, including inventory settings, fulfillment preferences, and pricing rules.


    Initiate Integration

    Once the setup is complete, SKUPlugs will begin synchronizing your Lightspeed (X-Series) POS data with Farfetch, and your luxury fashion journey with the platform will begin.

    Take Your Retail Business to New Heights Today:

    Integrating Lightspeed (X-Series) POS with Farfetch through SKUPlugs is an extraordinary opportunity for fashion retailers seeking to expand their presence in the luxury market. From gaining access to an exclusive audience to streamlining inventory management and order processing, SKUPlugs offers a seamless multi-channel selling experience. Embrace this powerful integration to elevate your fashion business and showcase your brand on the global stage of luxury fashion. Take the first step towards making your fashion dreams come true with SKUPlugs’ Lightspeed (X-Series) POS Farfetch Integration. Sign up today and embark on a new era of success in the luxury fashion industry!


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