Lightspeed Farfetch Integration

If you are running any business and have not created your presence in an online environment, trust it’s economic suicide. Today different e-commerce platforms or marketplaces are available with whom small retailers are getting partnered to conduct their business online which makes the reach of consumers easy, irrespective of their business location.

One such platform who gives an immense opportunity to small retailers to sell their products in an online environment is Farfetch, which is a UK based e-commerce marketplace founded in 2008 by Jose Neves, a Portuguese. To date, it has connected the shoppers from more than 190 countries and over 600 independent retail luxury shops are connected with them. Farfetch creates a distinguished business value proposition with flawless shopper experience.

But getting partnered with any online retail store such as Farfetch, requires some amount of work in the back-end too, as Farfetch serves as an online marketplace and doesn't have an inventory platform, you need to manage the same on your own. This is where SKUPlugs gives you everything, a seamless Farfetch integration, which is a required need for your business to sell your products in online marketplaces. SKUPlugs offers Farfetch integration with Lightspeed that can easily be managed, scaled as per the business need, and optimized as and when required. With SKUPlugs Lightspeed integration solution you'll get a best-of-all which is built on advanced technology and supports multi-location setups. With this, you can connect your online retail store with our multi-store Lightspeed solution for Farfetch integration which offers seamless manageability of
  • Online Orders
  • Inventory
  • Customers
With SKUPlugs Farfetch integration solution you'll see a maximized profit and increased operational efficiency with a real-time view of your sales performance and customer base which gives detailed business insights.

The Most Comprehensive E-commerce POS Integration Solution which Sells More And Saves Your Time.

SKUPlugs solution unifies the offline & online store operations by connecting the Farfetch marketplace with your existing physical store setups. Farfetch Integration with Lightspeed works on a two-way principle integration that enables the information flow from your Lightspeed system to Farfetch and allows downloading the Farfetch orders into the retailers Lightspeed system. It is an automated process where no manual intervention is needed, hence, the scope of manual error also gets ended. Farfetch integration with your Lightspeed system will improvise the operation efficiencies, increase productivity, make appropriate changes to the inventory or stock, increases customer satisfaction, and most importantly, save you time.
To summarize,
  • Business operations and management get centralized.
  • Product inventory can be synched in just one single click.
  • You can view the sales or orders information in a real-time environment.
  • Increased sale and maximized profits.
  • Customer information can be managed easily and hence, growth in customer base.
  • With accurate information on sales, and informed & effective decision for business can be made.
SKUPlugs offers you a convenient way to setup Farfetch integration with Lightspeed. No charges are incurred to you in setup, we'll help you to create and set up your Lightspeed profile. All required customization and integration, as per your store profile, in accordance with the Farfetch marketplace, is done in a real-time environment, irrespective of your store numbers and location.

3-Steps Process Of Lightspeed Farfetch Integration

SKUPlugs offers you an easy & hassle-free 3-step process of Farfetch Integration with Lightspeed i.e. put your product information in order, connect to systematize, and go live. This solution works in a real-time environment where once you make any changes to inventory, prices, product profile or descriptions, current discounts or offers, etc. it will automatically get reflected on the Farfetch front-end, which means a real-time synchronization. No more manual hassle of updating the data at multiple locations, just make changes in one place and get relaxed. This also ensures no room for error.
Benefits of SKUPlugs Lightspeed Farfetch Integration
  • Easy Synchronization To The Inventory - No matter whether you are selling online or in-store, inventory synchronization happens in a real-time environment in our Lightspeed Farfetch integration. You can also choose what you want to display or just select stocks from the specific outlet or warehouse.
  • Order Synchronization - With our Lightspeed Farfetch integration, orders placed at your Farfetch Boutique will automatically get synced to your system. This removes the double work where you have to manage the sales or order ledger and stocks in hand.
  • Product or Stocks Management - With our Lightspeed Farfetch integration allows managing a one or single product catalog across offline and online sales channels, so issues of double-entry get eliminated. Choose what you want to display or sell at a single click of the button.
  • Customer Data or Profile Management - Our Lightspeed Farfetch integration solution helps you to manage the customer data effectively in the back- end database. It creates a new registration profile, link orders of existing customers with their new orders, mark new visit as leads, etc.
  • Issue Of Overselling Is Addressed - Overselling is one such thing which no e-commerce marketplace platforms allow. You may be engaged with multiple online or offline sales partners, so the issue of overselling might happen with you where you would be having a one single product available in your inventory, which is visible on all channels, and on two different platforms it got selected by the customer and you sell it to both. This means your inventory is not working in a real-time environment, where online operation operates in nano-seconds. This will create an issue of over-selling and you might lose partner trust along with customer creditability. With our solution, every single click on your store is getting counted, which ensures no overselling happens.
SKUPlugs Farfetch integration with Lightspeed solution enables you to sync multiple platforms or software, inventory optimization, streamlined & efficient business operations with reduced resources and cost, hence save your time and money both.

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