Lightspeed Walmart Integration

While selling products on Walmart's online marketplace, if you integrate your POS with Walmart you can avoid making any mistake that can ruin your chances of success. Lightspeed integration with Walmart is an excellent way to remain at the top of your competition. There are several benefits associated with Lightspeed Walmart Integration that can cause you to switch to this combination to succeed.

Connect Lightspeed Retail POS and Walmart in 3 easy steps

  1. Connect: Connect your Lightspeed and Walmart in a few clicks.
  2. Configure: Configure both platforms with each other as per your business requirement.
  3. Sync: Sync your complete inventory or selected inventory on Walmart.

Our automated process will sync product prices and stock from Lightspeed Retail POS to Walmart and sales orders from Walmart to Lightspeed Retail POS. It will automatically decimate inventory levels after-sales. When these processes are not automated, mistakes happen. Product prices and stock could be incorrect or missing increase the overselling of your online sales channel.

What are the advantages of Lightspeed integration with Walmart?

Considering that Lightspeed is one of the best POS applications available in the market and Walmart is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms, Walmart Integration with Lightspeedcombines the best of both worlds so that you can succeed in your business. Here is a brief look at what you gain when you opt for Walmart Integration with Lightspeed


  • Automated uploading of products and downloading of orders – Thanks to Lightspeed Walmart Inventory sync, all products listed in your POS can be uploaded easily on your Walmart store. Any changes that you make to the Prices and Stock are automatically updated and reflected on your one or several marketplace stores. Similarly, any orders that are placed on your Walmart marketplace are automatically downloading into the Lightspeed inventory thanks to Lightspeed Walmart Inventory sync. As a result of this, your inventory is synced every time a purchase is made. This ensures that you always have an accurate idea of your stock situation.
  • Almost real-time synchronization of data –A connection between Lightspeed and Walmart ensures that data across both platforms is synced nearly in real-time. Order entries as well as information about the product including its stock and prices, etc. are synced in real-time. this feature offers several advantages. if you wish to offer any discount on specific products
    only, you just need to make changes in those entries in your Lightspeed applications and they will be immediately reflected in your Walmart store. This significantly improves your customer’s shopping experience and helps you in retaining clients.
  • Avoid overselling of products –One of the worst mistakes that an online seller could make is selling products that they do not have. If this happens, you are in a tight spot as you will not able to ship the product to the client in the specified duration. Delaying product delivery can cause your reputation to sink and you might end up losing clients. This is something that no business wants. However, thanks to Lightspeed Walmart Inventory sync, this problem is easily averted. Since data is almost synchronized in real-time, overselling of products does not take place.
  • Save manpower, time, and money –Accurate entry of data requires both time and manpower. However, since you have Lightspeed Walmart Inventory sync available, any entry made in either of the systems is automatically reflected in the other. This way you save a significant amount of time as you are no longer required to make and cross-check entries in both Lightspeed and Walmart. Moreover, the manpower spent in making those entries can be removed and utilized for some other significant purpose. You also end up saving money with Lightspeed Walmart Integration.
Considering that there are several benefits associated with Lightspeed Walmart Integration, having one for your business is sincerely going to improve your prospects in the world of business and increase your profits simultaneously. However, ensure that you trust professionals with sufficient experience to get this for you. Just integrating the two platforms is not enough, you also require technical support to ensure that your business succeeds. We can help you seamlessly integrate the two systems so that you can make the best of both worlds and succeed in fulfilling your lifelong dream.
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