Lightspeed retail and bigcommerce integration

The SKUPlugs integration for Lightspeed POS to Bigcommerce enables your Bigcommerce store and Lightspeed POS account to communicate and keep inventory in sync.When a new sale comes in via your physical store, stock quantities are updated within Bigcommerce. When a new order arrives via Bigcommerce, your physical store reflects the same inventory numbers.
SKUPlugs Lightspeed POS and Bigcommerce integration enable your business to succeed and manage inventory across multiple channels. Use SKUPlugs to sync inventory, orders, and customers between Bigcommerce and your Lightspeed POS. You can connect both the application in just a few clicks. Push your Bigcommerce orders directly into Lightspeed POS for bookkeeping. Have in-store price changes reflect in Bigcommerce in real-time.

Key features of Lightspeed POS Bigcommerce integration

  • Make Lightspeed POS the center of your online business.
  • Connect Lightspeed POS with Bigcommerce, Sync Product details, Inventory, Orders, Customers and automate manual processes.
  • Automatically synchronize Lightspeed POS inventory on Bigcommerce
  • Sync orders information from Bigcommerce to your Lightspeed POS.
  • Bigcommerce customers added to Lightspeed POS (and matched if already existing)
  • No more data entry errors.
  • It will reduce time and eliminate hours manually entering data.

SKUPlugs offers Lightspeed POS integration with Bigcommerce that can easily be managed, scaled as per the business need, and optimized as and when required. With SKUPlugs Lightspeed Integration with Bigcommerce solution, you’ll get the best-of-all which is built on advanced technology. With SKUPlugs Lightspeed POS and Bigcommerce integration solution, you’ll see a maximized profit and increased operational efficiency with a real-time view of your sales performance and customer base which gives detailed business insights.

Go for SKU Plugs Lightspeed POS Integration

Being in such a dynamic e-commerce industry we understand how the marketplace operates and what solutions are required to best fit into our client’s business operations. We keep on updating from the technology front to meet the industry standards, which puts SKUPlugs integration solution apart from others. Creating a setup on our integration platform is easy as well as free. We don’t charge anything to create and for setting up your profile. Creating a setup on our Lightspeed integration platform is easy as well as free. We don’t charge anything to create and for setting up your POS profile.