Lightspeed Integration

How do you think, you can successfully synchronize your physical store with the multiple e-commerce platforms that are available today? You already are aware of e-commerce is very essential for your business, especially in today’s times. But then again, how do you manage in-store business operations as one single unified mechanism? Just imagine if you could send all your product information, transaction details, and other relevant details about your business to all the e-commerce platforms out there. Via your point of sale systems with just a click of your mouse. Sounds too good to be true, right? But this does exist in reality, that is, with the help of Lightspeed integration for POS.

Lightspeed integration is essentially a cloud-based e-commerce system for businesses and merchants. Over 45,000 businesses, retailers, and food chains with a combined total net worth of USD 15 billion in terms of annual transactions utilize Lightspeed in order to grow as well as manage their businesses.

The POS system basically creates a bridge in order to connect the transactions on the merchant’s side and the customers’ side. The Lightspeed integration for POS (for example- Lightspeed Integration with Shopify) will eventually help in managing inventory, recording transactions, and create a multi-channel environment for establishing the business to consumer connection. Lightspeed integration with various platforms such as Lightspeed Integration with Shopify, Lightspeed Integration with Magento, Lightspeed Integration with Woocommerce, Lightspeed Integration with Amazon etc. in the essence, allows businesses to grow their business, offer better and more flexible payment options, and conduct their operations in a much more efficient way.


  • No middlemen

There are absolutely no middlemen involved when it comes to Lightspeed integration for point of sale. The point of sale system is a one-time self-hosted solution that works wonders for businesses.


  • Automatic syncing

In case you choose to work offline, you can sync the data later on with the help of Lightspeed integration. When it comes to syncing with Lightspeed integration, there is absolutely no limit or threshold involved.


  • Customer data

In today’s time, simply making the sale is not enough. The customer data that is usually gathered while completing the sale is of immense value to businesses. That data can be later used to make predictions revolving trends. It can be used to make market analysis. And last but not the least, this data can be stored using Lightspeed integration for future use.


  • Keeping track of everything

Lightspeed integration for POS, like an ideal POS integration, allows businesses to keep track of all their resources such as cash.

From the merchants’ point of view, Lightspeed has many benefits as well.


  • Multiple channel environments

Lightspeed integration creates a multi-channel system for merchants that allow them to smoothly.


  • A centralized interface

Businesses have multiple aspects to them and for a system to provide a centralized interface that allows the merchant to exercise control of all their operations from one place is nothing short of a blessing. This exactly what Lightspeed integration does for businesses?

SKU Plugs has definitely developed a taste for Lightspeed integration for POS. From point of sale to CRM to merchant services to e-commerce platform support, Lightspeed Integration with Bigcommerce, Lightspeed Integration with Fancy, Lightspeed Integration with Shopify, Lightspeed Integration with Farfetch, etc. Lightspeed integration provides merchants with a holistic solution for their business.