Thanks to the internet, conducting business has become easy. Now anyone sitting anywhere in the world can buy or sell products from the comforts of their home. The Internet has made it easy for many entrepreneurs as well as small and medium-sized businesses to increase their sales. Most start-ups prefer to sell their products through various platforms including mobile. And web applications apart from different online marketplaces and social marketing sites. Though it offers ample opportunities for individuals to increase their profits, there can be some glitches. Especially if you sell more products than there are present in your stock. Thus, you need to have an inventory check so that you can avoid such issues.


What is the point of sale POS applications?

While earlier, people used to manually check the inventory and sales data, now everything is computerized. Just like eCommerce platforms help you to gain a wider reach for the audience. And explore several markets, point of sale (POS) applications helps streamline the inventory and sales data. Unlike manual entry, verification, and tallying the data across your different online platforms, POS applications sync data automatically, sometimes in real-time. This helps in displaying the exact inventory situation on your eCommerce platforms. Thereby preventing overselling which can ruin your reputation.

If you integrate your POS application with your eCommerce platform, you are not required to make double entries for client information (name, billing address, payment details, etc.) which are required for generating the bill and sales; as well as update the inventory and place order if any product is reduced in the stock. There are several POS applications available in the market which can integrate with various eCommerce platforms. Among the various options existing currently, Lightspeed integration is generating immense interest.


What makes Lightspeed one of the most popular POS application?

Lightspeed has helped many businesses, brick and mortar, and online stores, with inventory, stock, sales data, as well as customer information, and employee performance. Other benefits of using Lightspeed include:

  • Managing inventory is easy: Lightspeed offers an import tool through which data can easily be transferred using an Excel file from one platform to another. This helps in order placement, catalog updating, creation of purchase orders from different vendors, and customers.
  • All data is accessible easily: Anything from stock situation to frequent customers; business and employee performance are available with just a click.
  • Complete flexibility of working: Thanks to POS applications, on spot transactions make things faster. This reduces the waiting time for customers in a retail store and employee training also does not take much time.
  • One POS is enough: If you have a POS system, you can use it to track inventory for several retail and eCommerce stores. Lightspeed helps to place orders for different sites and allocate it as per your requirements.
  • Store customer details: Having a database of your customer’s purchase history can help you identify your loyal customers and offer them discounts. Moreover, while checking out having this data handy can make it easy for check-out and shipping in case of online shopping.
  • Numerous payment options. Thanks to Lightspeed clients have the option of making payments through several secure payment gateways. As everything is computerized, generating refunds is also easy.

Apart from these, another reason for the popularity of Lightspeed POS is that it can integrate with different eCommerce platforms. Here is a look at the various platforms which are compatible to be used with Lightspeed.


Lightspeed Shopify Integration

Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms which has helped many established businesses and start-ups to set their online store with ease. The loading time of the site is very less and the ease of working on it makes it extremely popular. Managing inventory when you opt for Lightspeed Shopify Integration is extremely easy and beneficial for your business. The customers have a smooth and streamlined experience while it becomes easy for you to manage your client data across various stores. Inventory and stock can be synced in real-time, catalogs can be updated easily And product pickup, delivery, and shipment are done with ease.


Lightspeed BigCommerce integration

BigCommerce is an eCommerce platform that offers unparalleled flexibility. The design tools help in creating a beautiful and easy to navigate interface that makes it popular among customers. Thereby increasing your sales. The loading speed is very less, the platform is easy to use. And offers immense flexibility making it possible to go for Lightspeed BigCommerce integration. The eCommerce platform is stable, secure, and scalable, making it easy for businesses to scale up the operation as and when required. When you integrate it with POS, changes made in inventory can be automatically updated on your various eCommerce platforms.


Lightspeed WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce is the eCommerce plug-in for WordPress which is the most preferred platform for websites and blogs. Tracking inventory, built-in analytics, and its ability to integrate with different POS makes it quite popular. You can sell your products anytime, anywhere with safety and security. Lightspeed WooCommerce Integration brings the best of two worlds together. The inventory is synced and can be managed easily. This helps in creating bills as well as the shipping address in a jiffy as the database is always updated. With real-time inventory sync, overselling the product can never happen.


Lightspeed Magento Integration

Magneto offers several advantages to vendors including control over their different selling portals. The flexible interface offers you to design your site per your requirements, including scaling it up when required. When you opt for Lightspeed Magento Integration, you can manage your several virtual stores, website, and mobile application easily. Magneto can be integrated easily with different apps and is used in various parts of the world. You can even customize discount offers as per the shopping needs and frequency of the clients; the data for which is easily available through your POS application. Moreover, you can save time and manual labor costs by entering the same data twice as the existing database can be exported from POS to Magneto and vice versa.


Lightspeed Farfetch integration

Farfetch, a UK based eCommerce marketplace is the preferred option for small retailers. You can reach shoppers across the world and shop in more than 600 independent retail shops using this platform. This outreach makes it extremely popular. Opting for Lightspeed Farfetch integration makes it easy to manage your inventory on the platform as the POS offers real-time sync for the data across the various eCommerce platforms. Moreover, since it can be scaled up, you can optimize the business as per your requirements. The technology also offers a multi-location setup that offers easy management of online orders, customers, and inventory. You can easily sync your inventory and orders placed across different stores. Your customer data is effectively integrated with the database, managing your stocks and products becomes easy, while you can avoid overselling.


Why should you choose SKUPlugs for integrating Lightspeed with eCommerce platforms?

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