Loyverse Woocommerce Integration

Loyverse WooCommerce Integration

Gone are the days when a business needed a storefront, cash register to manage the daily inflow of money, and an inventory to keep track of supplies. With computerization, things have become easier to manage; all you need is a smartphone, laptop, or a computer with internet access. In fact, with eCommerce platforms, people can conduct their business from their home or a storehouse too. To
save money, time, and manpower, most of the businesses opt to have a Point of Sale (POS) software. With a POS system in place, you can easily manage your inventory, sales, monetary transactions, as well as employee performances.

Among the various POS software available, Loyverse has garnered attention from various quarters. It is a free POS app that is perfect for retail stores, beauty salons, kiosks, food trucks, car wash, or any eateries (restaurants, bars, café, coffee shops, etc.). Irrespective of the fact whether you have a single brick and mortar store or a chain of actual and virtual stores, the POS comes handy. It helps in managing the cash register while tracking sales and inventory in real-time. If you are looking forward to building a customer database, viewing the performance of your store, sending messages or electronic receipts to clients, or wish to provide your loyal customers with discounts and coupons, all of that is possible from your smartphone or tablet.

What makes Woocommerce the preferred eCommerce platform?

Advances in technology have made people’s life easier. The ease of communication and availability of information is just a couple of aspects. However, a major change has been the freedom offered to conduct business across the globe without investing in a storefront. eCommerce has helped many small and medium business owners apart from big corporations to sell their products anywhere, anytime. For a successful online enterprise, apart from a great product and excellent service, you need an attractive site which offers ease of navigation, excellent UI/UX as well as multiple secure payment gateways. There are several options available for creating an eCommerce site; however, some have added advantage over others.

WordPress, a free, open-source content management system is one of the preferred platforms for creating websites and blogs. The easy to use software offers several customizable designs and themes which allows people to create their websites and blogs as they like it. Woocommerce is an eCommerce plugin for WordPress which makes selling an incredible experience. Thanks to it, any
product can be sold anywhere with complete safety and security. With Woocommerce you can track inventory, calculate the shipping cost and taxes automatically apart from providing several payment options which makes it easier for the clients. Its advanced features, built-in analytics, and scalability make it one of the preferred eCommerce platforms. Its ability to integrate with several POS is another reason for its popularity.

Advantages of Loyverse Woocommerce integration

Considering that Loyverse is one of the easiest to use POS and Woocommerce is the preferred eCommerce platform. Loyverse integration with Woocommerce ideally provides the best of both worlds to the clients. Apart from being a free POS software, Loyverse offers several advantages to the user. The loyalty program opens several doors for the customers. Apart from Loyverse inventory sync you can also easily sync the system with a printer to get the receipt printed automatically. Other key benefits of Loyverse Woocommerce integration include:

  • Management of data – When you integrate Loyverse with Woocommerce, all your inventory is synced and can be managed from one place. The orders placed on Woocommerce are automatically updated on the POS software and any changes in
    inventory are similarly displayed on the eCommerce platform.
  • Syncing customer information – Instead of entering the data every time a purchase is made; you can just register your customer once and the address as well as other details pop-up the next time the customer makes a purchase. With Loyverse inventory sync this is possible with ease, as every purchase made adds the information to the database.
  • Get real-time inventory sync – If the backend and the frontend are not synchronized, a huge gaffe can occur which can spell doom for your start-up. With Loyverse Woocommerce Integration you are assured of automatic, real-time syncing of inventory to prevent any unavailable product to appear on the eCommerce platform or providing an approximate idea of the delivery date considering that the orders at the backend are already sent automatically. Since every purchase is updated in real-time, irrespective of the number of eCommerce platforms, you will be provided with accurate data on the forefront.
  • Prevent overselling – Faster updates of the inventory are required, especially if you are selling your product through multiple eCommerce platforms. Thus, if a product is sold at a place, faster updating of the inventory would inform the clients that the product is unavailable at the other platform. You can end up losing customers if you end up selling more products than you have. Faster sync, such as that provided with Loyverse Integration with Woocommerce is ideal to prevent any such embarrassing situation that can cause you to lose customers and channel partners.

Why choose us for Woocommerce Loyverse integration?

If you are looking forward to Loyverse integration with Woocommerce then we are your best chance. We have helped many organizations to seamlessly sync their POS, eCommerce platform, shopping carts and inventory to help them excel in their respective fields. We ensure to keep the client’s requirements in mind while providing them with the best integration possible. Once we have integrated your POS and eCommerce platforms, you can end up reducing the time and energy spent in supervising the manual labour, while simultaneously reducing the number of errors. Our integrated systems allow you to easily enter or retrieve data to and from the POS and eCommerce platforms and make both applications easily manageable. We ensure that you get the best of services at comparative prices with provision to scale up or down as per your requirements. See your profits soar high when you trust the best for your POS and eCommerce integration.

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