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Loyverse Noon Integration is user-friendly and easy to understand, whether you sell a single item or 1 lakh items. SKUPlugs can streamline and automate the inventory syncing. Loyverse Noon integration automatically updates inventory to Noon, saving your time, and reducing costly errors. Our automated process will sync product price and inventory from Loyverse to your noon.com store.

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    Connect your Loyverse and noon.com in few clicks and configure both platforms as per your business requirement. Enjoy the Sync!!


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    Connect Loyverse with your noon.com store in few clicks. Easy and user friendly user interface to connect both platforms.


    Configure & sync

    Configure both platforms with each other as per your business requirement and set the syncing rules.


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    Our 24x7 online support team will keeping you always connected. You can talk to our boarding and product experts anytime.

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    • Unlimited Products
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    • Unlimited Products
    • Unlimited Orders
    • No percentage of transaction fees
    • Unlimited Integration
    • No Setup Fee for additional integration
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    The Power of Integration

    The Loyverse Noon integration by SKUPlugs offers effortless product listing, real-time inventory synchronization, centralized order management, and automated order syncing. These features empower businesses to expand their reach on the Noon platform while efficiently managing their product catalog and order processing, ultimately enhancing their e-commerce operations on this prominent marketplace.

    Automated Order Sync

    The integration automates the syncing of orders from Noon to Loyverse, reducing the need for manual data entry and the potential for errors. This automation streamlines the order fulfillment process, saving time and ensuring that orders are processed quickly and accurately.

    Centralized Order Management

    Loyverse Noon integration centralizes order processing by consolidating orders from both Noon and Loyverse into a single, user-friendly dashboard. This streamlined approach simplifies order fulfillment and tracking, making it more efficient for businesses to manage and fulfill orders accurately and promptly.

    Real-Time Inventory Sync

    The integration provides real-time synchronization of inventory between Loyverse and Noon. When a sale is made on Noon or through Loyverse, the inventory levels are instantly updated on both ends. This ensures that customers always see accurate stock availability, reducing the risk of over-selling and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

    Effortless Product Listing

    This integration simplifies the process of listing products on Noon's extensive marketplace. Businesses can easily upload and manage their product catalog directly from their Loyverse account, reducing the time and effort required to list and update products on Noon.

    Go for SKUPlugs Loyverse eCommerce Integration

    Our Loyverse POS integration software easly connect and improve your sales and reduce data entry costs. Our Loyverse integration can sync your point-of-sale system (POS) retail store and other online store and marketplce platforms.

    Using Loyverse integration you can sell more products in more places. you don’t need to update manually each system every day. it automatically list your products in your online stores, with Shopify, Woocommerce, Bigcommerce, Magento, Wix, Amazon, walmart, farfetchLazada, DubaiStore and Noon.com.
    Our Loyverse integration with POS enables bi-directional data exchange between e-commerce stores and the other e-commerce platform,

    Loyverse Point of Sale (POS) Integration automatically transfer sales and customer data information from your ecommerce platforms to your Loyverse POS as sales receipt. You can manage product lists, prices, inventory, sales and customer data Information from your between both platforms. Loyverse Integration keep track your sales and inventory across all ecommarce platforms.

    About Loyverse

    Loyverse is a free Point of Sale and Inventory Management Software and founded in 2014. It is a mobile based Point-of-Sale system that is widely used by small retailers around the globe. It is available on both the Android and the iOS in 25+ language and they have client base in more than 170 countries.
    In Loyverse POS, merchants can manage their product details, inventories, sales, employees and customers. It provides a functionality to create the multiple tax categories and discount. Loyverse POS provides REST API so merchant can also integrate the Loyverse POS with other platforms as well using already listed apps or custom development.

    Following are the key features of the Loyverse POS
    1. Point of Sale – Transform your smartphone or tablet into POS
    2. Payment – support multiple payment gateways worldwide
    3. Inventory management – track stock levels
    4. Sales Analytics
    5. Employee Management
    6. CRM and Customer loyalty
    7. Multi-store management
    8. Integrations
    a. e-commerce
    b. Payment Gateways
    c. Loyalty programs
    d. Accounting software’s

    Original Source (Loyverse POS): Loyverse POS integration

    Why should you opt for Loyverse noon.com Integration?

    If you wish to attract more clients, you need to provide better customer service. Improved customer interactions can go a long way in increasing your customer base and, subsequently, your profits. You need to provide a seamless eCommerce experience for the customers for this to occur. Getting Loyverse POS Noon integration can easily help you achieve this.

    When you opt for Loyverse noon.com Integration, you can achieve many things. Here is why Loyverse and noon.com integration can be beneficial for your business:

    1. Managing inventory becomes child’s play
    2. Prevent Overselling
    3. Expand sales reach to Marketplaces
    4. No Manual work
    5. Increase revenue and growth


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    No, you don’t need to install any plugin to connect with Erply POS. You just need to authorize our application to connect with your Erply.

    Yes, you can sync the selected products with your noon.com. You can set the configuration rules as per your business requirement.

    Yes, you can use any specific price level for your noon.com products. You will have all the price levels created in Loyverse and you can use any of them for noon products.

    Yes, you can connect multiple sales channels along with noon.com. if the sales channel is not listed on the website you can contact us at [email protected]. We will develop the custom integration for you but the cost may include.

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