Vendhq Shopify Integration

Vendhq Shopify Integration

The need for point of sale (POS) applications has increased not just for brick-and-mortar stores as well as online stores. Due to its popularity, there are several POS applications available in the market. Launched in 2010, Vendhq, a cloud-based POS and retail management software allows businesses to manage their eCommerce and retail stores easily. The POS is web-based, can run on
different browsers including Windows and Mac. Its ability to integrate seamlessly with different eCommerce platforms makes it immensely popular. With Shopify being one of the most popular eCommerce platforms, opting for Vendhq Shopify Integration brings the best of both worlds for the customers.

Why should you opt for Vendhq Integration with Shopify?

Irrespective of your requirements, this Vendhq Shopify integration is one of the best ways to handle business. you can not only streamline your business success but also keep your inventory synced in real-time. This makes it extremely easy for people to be on top of the situation in case of any requirement. When you opt for Vendhq Integration with Shopify you can automatically update your inventory from the POS to your Shopify store thereby saving a lot of time doing the same thing manually. What is more, you also end up saving time spent in entering and checking for data entry errors. Thanks to automatic syncing of catalogs, every time sales take place on Shopify inventory is depleted automatically. This helps in getting real-time data to prevent
overselling on online platforms.

What are the benefits of Vendhq Shopify integration?

If you are looking forward to expanding your business and sell across multiple online channels, you need to opt for integration of your POS with your Shopify. When you opt for Vendhq Integration with Shopify there are several advantages to the system. With this integration, individuals and businesses can sell across several channels and multiple locations without losing track of sales data. Here are some advantages of opting for Vendhq and Shopify Integration:

  1. Your inventory and orders can be easily synced automatically and in real-time. Whether it is an online store or a retail outlet, anytime you add stock to your inventory, it is updated across the different locations and stores. Similarly, any sales made across different channels are automatically deducted from the inventory. This ensures that you receive accurate data every time. Any order placed across any online channel on your Shopify store gets automatically synced to your POS application thanks to Shopify Integration with Vend. As the sync is done in real-time, both your ledger and your inventory are automatically updated.
  2. Managing products is a child’s play with Vendhq Shopify Integration. Despite selling across various stores and online channels, you are not required to create separate catalogues for each. You can use a single catalog for both your online and offline ventures. This not only prevents you from making entries multiple times but also reduces the time and manpower spent in data entry and checking. With just a few clicks, you can import your entire catalogue from the system to your POS and then your eCommerce platform. You can even select which products you wish to sell online by merely clicking on them.
  3. One inventory for everything you require. The Vend Shopify Integration provides you with an omnichannel inventory where you have all data available at your disposal. You can choose to display whichever data is required online. You can select your option depending on whether you wish to provide stock available on your online store, warehouse, retail outlet, or the entire inventory.
  4. Updates and reports are easily done. Every time an order is placed on Shopify through your retail or online store, Vendhq POS adds it to your database, thereby updating it. If the customer has shopped previously, the details are furnished in seconds since the data between the POS and the eCommerce platform. This provides consumers with a seamless shopping experience. For the business, sales reports and employee performance can easily be assessed both online and offline using a single system.

Why is Vendhq Integration with Shopify regarded as the ultimate retail management solution?
Despite the presence of several POS and eCommerce platforms, Vendhq and Shopify have enamoured clients across the world due to their unique features and seamless integration. If you are looking forward to Vendhq Integration with Shopify, you can avail the following benefits:

  • It works well for both online shopping portals, mobile and eCommerce platforms, as well as retail stores.
  • You can easily manage the client data, product catalogue, as well as its prices from any location and device.
  • Tracking sales data, revenue, employee performance, and profits can easily be done through different stores, brands, products, and team members, thereby helping make an informed decision.
  • With excellent support system available from both POS and eCommerce platform, you can focus on growing your business by leaps and bounds without worrying about the backend performance.

Why should you choose us for your Vendhq Shopify Integration?

We are leaders in providing excellent professional solutions for your business irrespective of the volume. With our Vendhq Integration with Shopify, you can easily link your online Shopify store with the Vendhq POS and sync data across them for efficient and effective business solutions. Once we provide you with setup, you do not require any programming skills to handle the system as data across both platforms is synced automatically. Any changes made in either system reflects in the other making it extremely easy to manage catalogue, prices, and product details. With our platform, both your systems will be aligned perfectly without making many manual efforts. Thanks to our economical customised solutions, several businesses have made immense profits.

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