Loyverse Integration

Managing a business is not a child’s play. An idea that might seem as small as a seed initially can grow into a large tree. You might need more time to remove obstacles that impend the growth of the business. And as a result, your attention might not be entirely on the inventory status and the sales orders. Unfortunately, this can lead to bigger problems. Especially if you take on orders that you cannot fulfill on time due to their absence from your inventory. Syncing sales order with inventory ( for ex- Loyverse Shopify Integration ) is therefore extremely essential if you wish to stay on top of your business. Instead of wasting time manually doing the process, you could opt for the automatic sync.

Should you sync your sales order and inventory?

Gone are the days when people used to depend on cash registers to tally their sales and inventory. A separate register was maintained for inventory and every time an item is depleted; a fresh order is placed to keep the inventory up to date. However, this requires a lot of time and dedicated manpower, which can be a bit difficult. Especially if it is a start-up with limited investment. Alternatively, you could opt for a digital inventory and have it synced automatically with your sales orders. These days there are several options available for point of sale (POS) systems that can help you conduct business easily through any of the eCommerce platforms. Loyverse is emerging as the preferred POS.

Why Loyverse eCommerce integration is popular?

Point of sale (POS) applications has become the need of the hour. Not only do brick and mortar stores make use of it for keeping tabs on the sales in the store and the merchandise available. But it has come handy for several eCommerce sellers too. There are different POS systems currently available, but the most popular one is Loyverse. 

The major reason for its popularity includes:
  1. It is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. The POS is free and extremely easy to use. You do not need special training to handle operations on Loyverse.
  2. Tracking sales, maintaining transactions, and keeping a record of your inventory and sales can be done easily.
  3. The customer loyalty program provides bonus points and a chance to save more through coupons provided to clients who use the POS system.
  4. The POS is extremely flexible. It is available in different languages and is operable in several countries across the world. What is more, is that it can easily integrate with different eCommerce platforms.
  5. The customer support system is available for assistance 24×7. Thus, any issues the user face are dealt with immediately.

Most entrepreneurs conduct their business across various regions, in different languages and currencies. Managing things can be a bit difficult, especially in this scenario. However, thanks to eCommerce platforms like Shopify it is easy to manage everything.

Shopify Loyverse Integration is the key to great business

Among the various eCommerce platforms, Shopify has become the premier choice of several established businesses as well as start-ups. The safety, security, excellent user interface, and ease of navigation make it extremely simple for entrepreneurs to sell their products easily. Thanks to Shopify, managing inventory is extremely easy, whether it is for an online store or a brick-and-mortar one. You are no longer required to depend on a single platform to sell your goods. With Shopify, you can sell products not only through your website and mobile app. But also through social media and other online marketplaces.

Shopify Integration offers you to combine and tally your inventory across multiple locations. With Shopify, you can easily integrate up to eight stores. The integration can help sync inventory in real-time making it possible for you to remain up to date on your products, irrespective of whether they are sold over any of the eCommerce platforms, retail stores, or the warehouse. Like Loyverse, Shopify can also integrate with several POS systems, making it extremely flexible.

What makes Loyverse Shopify Integration important?

Both Loyverse and Shopify are leaders in their respective fields that make Loyverse integration with Shopify the best thing for business owners. Thanks to the automatic sync available, it is extremely easy to keep on top of your business. Your inventory and sales orders are synced in real-time thereby saving you precious time as you are not required to cross-check every order made.

 Other reasons why Loyverse Shopify Integration is gaining importance are –
  1. Customer relations improve tremendously since your website is always updated and easy to navigate. Apart from a great user interface, multiple secure payment gateways. And having an exact stock situation can help improve your sales and thereby contributing to the success of your business. Since your clients can get an accurate description of the product along with its photographs and the actual stock position. They can make an informed choice about buying the product. Real-time inventory sync can help in this.
  2. Any product you sell through your various platforms (web or mobile application, social media, or online marketplaces, etc.) is automatically deducted from the inventory when you opt for Loyverse integration with Shopify. Not only does it help keep your inventory in sync across the different platforms. But it also helps in saving manual labor and time spent in entering the data and checking it. Since the data is synced across the POS and eCommerce platforms, the billing and payment details are easily available, making it easy for the client to shop and check their cart out. Similarly, it is easy for the business since the address is easily available for sending the product as well as creates labels.
  3. Despite their best efforts, humans end up making mistakes. However, the machine is not likely to make mistakes. Thus, when you opt for Shopify Loyverse Integration, you are guaranteed accurate integration of data across platforms.

Thus, if you wish to increase your sales and improve your client base, you should opt for syncing your Shopify platform with Loyverse POS.

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