Lightspeed Integration
Lightspeed Shopify Integration

Most big business outlets have multiple stores across the city. Managing them can be quite a task since it is not easy to know when to order what and where. Additionally, different items can be in demand in various stores which can make things quite confusing at times.

The same problem is faced by entrepreneurs too. Despite them making inroads into people’s heart, efficient management of their stores is important to broaden their consumer base. This is because excellent service and great prices are not enough. You also need to have a stock of popular items in various colours and sizes to engage the customer and increase sale.

If you too are feeling the pressure of managing inventory for multiple stores, do not worry. The Shopify multi location inventory sync can help you manage several business stores with ease. In case you are worried about how to use the Shopify Lightspeed multi store to increase your efficiency and sales, read along…


What makes Shopify a popular choice?

Before you opt for a Lightspeed inventory sync, it is important to ask, why use Shopify? eCommerce has revolutionized the way shopping is done now-a-days. Majority of the population prefers to shop online from the comforts of their home or while travelling from office to home. You do not have to wait in long queues to check out your cart and also save on commuting time. Thanks to secure payment gateways, a chance of you losing money online is also reduced.

For small or medium sized business enterprises, Shopify offers a great eCommerce platform through which they can set their own online store with ease. Since everything, from marketing to payments and managing the inventory to shipping is handled for you. You can easily concentrate on your task of selling your products through various channels. In fact, its ease of usage has made it extremely popular among not just tech start-ups but also big conglomerates.

The site has a super fast loading time and extremely easy to use. Since you can increase your sales dramatically using Shopify’s support channels and amazing features, it is extremely popular. You will be surprised to know that more than a million businesses use Shopify across the world. Thus, if you wish to succeed, you need to stay sharp and active.


To increase your business’ sales use Shopify Multiple Stores

Managing any business, be it a clothing or a toy store or a restaurant chain across multiple locations is difficult, even for a brick and mortar establishment. Imagine, having to manage the same in an online version? For a seller having an online presence on several eCommerce platforms; tracking which product is out of stock, in which size and color can be quite difficult, unless they have help.

Shopify Multi store can help sellers who have multiple accounts on Shopify. This can help them expand their business while serving their customers efficiently too. Though, if done on their own, it may be a bit of a risk, but with Shopify, things can be managed with ease. You could have a B2B store and a B2C store and handle both with equal ease, without breaking a sweat when you use Shopify!

Additionally, Shopify Multi store can also help you with –

  • Managing your product’s value without compromising on your brand name; by opening different stores for different consumer requirements (read budget).
  • Selling your products in different markets, internationally and accept payment in different currencies can be done easily.
  • Easily target different age groups, customers, and businesses by having different sites or design different stores for your product to attract different clientele.

For small manufacturers, it can be a huge struggle to manage online stores. However with its order management system, you can easily track raw material and supplies as well as finished items along with completion status, through their dashboard.


Use Shopify Lightspeed multi store to increase your profits

Managing inventory along with multiple online stores can be difficult and error prone if done manually. However, when you use Shopify Lightspeed multi store you can not only improve your customer experience, but also streamline your business process efficiently. Integrating your point-of-sale (POS) software with your online store can have several benefits including a smooth and consistent experience for clients. What is more, it also allows you to –

  • Manage client data across various stores
  • Sync important retail data like inventory, stock etc. in real-time
  • Manage pickup, delivery, shipment, or online buying
  • Transparency in order status
  • Handle large product catalogues efficiently
  • Manage different sales channels from one point

Since your backend operations are working smoothly, your customers have a great experience which increases your profits. In case you would like to integrate these two platforms to get Shopify multi location inventory sync here is what you need to do:

Several integration approaches are available for the integration of Shopify with Lightspeed. These include a plug-in app, custom integration as well as commerce integration platform. You can choose either of these approaches depending on:

  1. Affordability (investment vs. returns)
  2. Complexity
  3. Availability of technical support
  4. Future growth prospects of your business

If you are looking for cost effective solutions to connect your Shopify multi-store or multi-location connector with Lightspeed you can trust SKU Plugs ( They have extensive experience in delivering POS integrated eCommerce solutions to SME enterprises and dealers worldwide.