Lightspeed (R Series) and Magento integration

Setting up Lightspeed(R Series) Magento Integration 3 Easy Steps

In the current scenario, it is imperative for all types and sizes of businesses to create a top and reputed presence in the online world. To reach the peak of success and maximize the customer base, businesses need to sell their products and do brand promotions on the internet world. This is because the figure for retail eCommerce sales is estimated to grow by 50% i.e. reach about 7.4 trillion dollars by the end of 2025. Our Lightspeed Magento 2 Integration simplifies and automates your inventory and order synchronization.

Much of the growth in the Indian eCommerce industry has been achieved with an increase in smartphone penetration and internet use. Even today, India becomes the 8thlargest market for eCommerce. The recent growth in digital literacy has led to the emergence of new competitive players in the market. This eventually enhances the competition. To stand out in the crowd, Lightspeed (R Series) and Magento integration are essential. It allows Magento Store owners to run their online business more without tough processes and no manual labor involved.

Lightspeed Retail

Lightspeed is a cloud-based POS (point of sale) system that features everything essential for the effective management of in-store inventory. This allows merchants all over the world to simplify, measure, and offer marvelous customer experiences. It has an extensive range of products to meet all the business requirements. This includes payment processing, POS systems, and eCommerce site integrations.

Magento 2 eCommerce

Magento 2 is an excellent platform for eCommerce to sell products online for exceptional expansion ability and business robustness. Even it provides the amazing capability to integrate with 3rd party services. Currently, there are more than 800K+ users around the world. Its plenty of crucial features such as SEO (search engine optimization), market managing tools, and inventory management tools make it highly demanding for business growth and scalability.

Integrate Lightspeed and Magento

This integration acts as a bridge between a Magento 2 store and Lightspeed Retail. And, this would be possible through the service API of Lightspeed. This connection helps in identifying the true multi-channel environment out of the box by facilitating effective record or inventory management. Here, Magento is considered the child catalog while Lightspeed Retail accounts act as a master catalog.

During the integration process, products from the master catalog are fed to a child catalog regularly. Once the syncing process starts, catalogs data are imported to Magento. Then, the finished products are taken back to Lightspeed. This helps in updating the inventory and keeping the stock latency to a minimum. You can check the whole sales from Magento in your Lightspeed Retail account at the same time.

All these things are done to benefit both customers and merchants(online store owners). It provides customers with the best shopping experience by getting highly accurate stock levels online. Using this integration, store owners can easily upload their vital data to the Magento store. It helps them in delivering to their potential customers what they are looking for.

Key Features of Lightspeed and Magento Integration

The set of features may differ based on the company you are choosing for this integration. Even it can also vary based on the package or plan you are selecting. The following are the basic features you can get if taking Lightspeed Magento 2 Integration services from a reliable company.

  1. Unrestricted syncing with no threshold
  2. Extension updates
  3. Sync simple and variation items
  4. Keep inventory 100% correct
  5. Sync multi-level prices of products
  6. Round-the-clock support
  7. Pull complete stock levels, Lightspeed catalog, and lots more things

Benefits of Lightspeed and Magento Integration

Lightspeed can significantly improve business success by making business management simpler. You can manage nearly every business as pectin a single place saving time and manual efforts. And, by integrating Magento functionality with Lightspeed retail, you can double the chance of success. You can better serve online consumers and local customers. Alongside this, you can enjoy plenty of advantages. Here are some of these –

  1. Livestock real-time bi-directional sync
  2. Reduced manual labor
  3. Easier inventory management
  4. Completed orders with relevant customers’ data are pushed back to the Lightspeed
  5. Choose which kind of Lightspeed store inventory to sync with
  6. Sales tracking becomes easier
  7. Matrix products; color and size as configurable items
  8. Prevent overselling
  9. Automates workflow
  10. Effective and efficient checkout
  11. Add amazing function to Magento Community
  12. Boosted revenue and better growth
  13. Enhanced customer satisfaction
  14. Easier customer data accessibility

To discover how many more benefits you can get, it’s a good choice to avail the reliable service of Lightspeed Magento 2 Integration. Before finalizing your decision of finding any company for integration service, ensure they provide faster integration. Make sure they install and configure the most appropriate extension to Magento 2 store and quickly integrate that into the Lightspeed account.

How does Lightspeed Magento Integration Benefits Merchants?

As already touched above, Lightspeed Magento Integration is beneficial for customers and merchants. If you’re running multiple online stores, you can take the best advantage of this connection. Check out the list of advantages you can avail of as a merchant.

  • Lightspeed approved & Magento approved solution
  • Multi-channel surrounding out of the box
  • Upload all crucial data such as product descriptions, photos, and products to the Magento store
  • Centralized interface in Lightspeed
  • No subscriptions or recurring costs are required for establishing the bridge connection
  • Less Magento administration
  • Integrate orders into the Lightspeed POS system
  • Magento 2 platform comprehensive capability

How to Integrate Lightspeed and Magento?

There are several methods you can opt for Lightspeed Magento Integration. Here are the three most important options you can choose.

  •  1. Magento Marketplace

Magento is the ultimate solution for the problems encountered by Magento store owners. You can buy 3rd party apps on this market. You can opt for 2 several solutions. Open source edition is a perfect solution for startups. It is billed as a one-time fee of about $500-$530. However, you may also hire post-project service agreements that can charge you about $700 annually.

The best thing about the Magento Marketplace solution is that you can get installation service by paying certain charges if you don’t know the installation procedure. But, this service pricing is not fixed. It may vary based on the solution provider you are selecting.

  • 2. Private Developer

Another method you can use for Lightspeed(R Series) and Magento integration is hiring an experienced and skilled private Magento 2 developer. If you don’t want to hire full-time experts, you can go for hiring freelancers. But, since there are so many professionals available in the marketplace, you can consider one whose priority is accessing the Magento store as an owner. It can be executed by communicating the verification token and then connecting the services.

Once the integration is performed effectively, the store owner access and alters the Magento store configurations. If you are hiring freelancers, you would not get post-project service. That means, if you require any support after getting services, the freelancers would not be available to assist you. Also, they don’t have any certifications. So, it is recommended to hire full-time freelancers.

  • 3. Connectors

Another step you can execute is to purchase connectors from a reliable company. After this, you can go for Lightspeed Magento 2 Integration. As the name depicts, connectors act as a bridge between Lightspeed retail and the Magento store platform for data transfer. Lightspeed service APIs make platforms capable of integration. Both platforms are authorized for inventory management. And, this is possible through data syncing and recording the data modifications. Eventually, this helps in creating a multiple-channel environment for online businesses. The pricing for these connectors may vary. If you want your store to constantly stand out each day, then integrating these two platforms would be your ultimate choice.