Lightspeed Shopify Integration

Looking for Lightspeed Shopify Integration?


SKUPlugs provides real-time and Comprehensive integration of Shopify and Lightspeed without the need for manual data entry and increases productivity and growth. We provide a simple and effective solution to increase your productivity. Our Lightspeed Integration with Shopify will synchronize your product data with your Shopify store and sales order & customer details to your Lightspeed POS back without any manual work. SKUPlugs understand this very clearly, which is why it innovates a new synchronization software that integrates Lightspeed point of sale and Shopify for an automatic flow of data between them. 


The benefits of Shopify as well as Lightspeed are well known to us but what about the integration. This integration leads to sync working flawlessly. It will automatically sync the selected or all products from Lightspeed to Shopify. it happens in a few clicks. It will simply connect your Lightspeed Point of sale with Shopify. After this, you all need to configure the setup up to your preferences. The Other benefits of this amazing synchronization are automatically syncing all or selected products from Lightspeed to Shopify along with their variations. Without any effort, it will automatically post your Shopify orders and customers into Lightspeed. It will keep an eye on your inventory for 100% accuracy across every Lightspeed POS store, Shopify and marketplace.


Lightspeed and Shopify Integration


Lightspeed is an easy -to -use point of sale application suitable for e-commerce businesses. With several benefits, POS helps easily create and manage inventory and sales logs apart from showing customer purchase details. When combined with your Shopify eCommerce store, POS can do wonders for your business. Because Shopify provides an incredible way to create and manage an online shopping platform, integrating it with the same POS can help your business prosper greatly. 

Lightspeed and Shopify are both popular platforms used by retailers to manage their online and offline sales. An integration between these two platforms can offer several benefits. And SKUPlugs might provide functionalities that enhance this integration. 

Some potential key features could include:


Inventory Sync:

 One of the fundamental features of Lightspeed integration with Shopify is keeping inventory levels in sync across both platforms. Changes in stock levels from sales or restocking are reflected in real-time on both sides.

Product Information: 

SKUPlugs may enable you to synchronize product details, including titles, descriptions, images, and prices, between Lightspeed and Shopify. This ensures consistency and accuracy in your product information across both platforms.

Order Management:

 The integration might allow for seamless order management. Orders placed on Shopify can be automatically imported into Lightspeed, streamlining the fulfillment process and reducing manual data entry.

Multi-location Support: 

If you have multiple physical store locations managed through Lightspeed, the integration could support syncing inventory and orders from various locations with your Shopify store.

Price and Discount Sync:

SKUPlugs might enable you to synchronize pricing changes and discounts from Lightspeed to Shopify, ensuring that customers see accurate prices and promotions.

Stock Availability Display:

 The integration could provide the capability to display real-time stock availability on your Shopify store, preventing customers from purchasing products that are out of stock.

Automatic Updates: 

When you update product details, inventory levels, or other information in Lightspeed, these changes could automatically reflect on your Shopify store through the integration.

Centralized Management: 

Manage both Lightspeed as well as Shopify from a centralized interface, reducing the need to switch between platforms for routine tasks.

Bulk Updates:

You might be able to perform bulk updates for product information, inventory adjustments, and other data to save time and effort.

If you are looking forward to Lightspeed integration with Shopify, you need to partner with the best in the industry. We are known to provide easy POS-eCommerce integrations in the stipulated time frame to ensure our clients can benefit simultaneously. So what are you waiting for now? 

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