Lightspeed Integration
Lightspeed Woocommerce Integration

The retail industry has benefitted immensely from the development of technology that has helped increase business prospects. With internet and eCommerce platforms making it easy for people to sell their products and point of sale (POS) applications making it easy to manage your inventories, the business has increased tremendously. One of the most popular eCommerce platforms is WooCommerce which powers more than a huge 3 million-plus websites. If you have a huge database of products, then WooCommerce is probably the best way to sell them. The market share of WooCommerce in 2020 was 26% which gives you an idea that it is the most preferred platform for individuals and businesses to sell their product. Lightspeed Integration with WooCommerce is probably one of the best ways to propel your business in the big leagues.

Why should you opt for Lightspeed WooCommerce Integration?

One of the major reasons why WooCommerce is popular is that it can easily be integrated with several POS applications. A point-of-sale application comes in handy in keeping track of your sale records as well as your inventory and stock situation. If you are starting a business and are selling your product across various online marketplaces or eCommerce platforms, keeping atrack of your sales and the actual position of your inventory is important. Not only does it help you inform you of your progress but also ensures that you do not oversell your product. For a growing business, to succeed online, you need to deliver the product on time. However, if the product is not available to you, an unnecessary delay can tarnish your reputation.

With Lightspeed you are guaranteed real-time sync of inventory with sale orders. Thus, anytime a sale is made across any platform, it automatically gets deducted from your inventory. The updated stock is reflected on the eCommerce site ensuring that you never end up overselling your products. Opting for Lightspeed WooCommerce Integration can therefore help you reach a large number of consumers without ever worrying about any loss of clients due to the inability to provide them the desired products.

Sell more without worrying more with WooCommerce Lightspeed Integration

Usually, the more your business grows, managing it requires more time and attention. However, when you have the option of WooCommerce Lightspeed Integration, everything is taken care of automatically. There is no denying that WordPress is one of the preferred platforms for the creation of not just blogs and websites. But also eCommerce platforms are powered by its plugin WooCommerce. If you wish to sell your products on multiple sites, it can be done with ease. This gives you a chance to increase your business base. Since Lightspeed Retail takes care of the inventory part, you are assured that your clients will be satisfied with the experience. This ensures not just repeat clients. But also word of mouth publicity that ensures your profits increase steadily.

The advantages offered with a Lightspeed WooCommerce sync include:

  • Easy installation:

  • If you are already using WooCommerce, all you need to do is download the Lightspeed installer. And follow instructions to complete server installations. Alternately, if you are a Lightspeed user, a WooCommerce plugin for your WordPress site can help you sell your products with ease.

  • Inventory sync:

  •  Lightspeed WooCommerce sync is available where you can sync the inventory one way or two way. In the case of one-way sync, Lightspeed has all the products and WooCommerce is empty, the products will be synced so that WooCommerce displays products and sells them. Any changes in the WooCommerce (through sales orders) are reflected in the Lightspeed inventory. In the case of two-way sync, some products are on Lightspeed. While others are on WooCommerce. Syncing of data will ensure that both systems contain an accurate account of the products. And that none are repeated. Any depletion in inventory is reflected on the eCommerce platform. While sales made are deducted from Lightspeed.

  • Product information:

  • You do not have to spend time manually uploading the details about the product. As entire catalogs can be uploaded with ease from the Lightspeed Retail to your WooCommerce powered site. Product information, details, price, color, bar code, manufacturer’s name, and even photographs can be easily uploaded. Thereby reducing time spent manually doing the same.

  • Easy billing: 

  • When any product is sold, details regarding the product, bill amount, tax, discount, shipping details including address, email, phone number, etc. are available to Lightspeed from WooCommerce. Moreover, thanks to Lightspeed WooCommerce sync billing becomes extremely easy as the information is often stored for quick retrieval. This also allows you to provide your repeat customers with exclusive discount coupons.

Every individual’s wish is to succeed in their endeavors. Making use of automation to progress is one of the best ways to make the most of technological advances. With Lightspeed WooCommerce Integration you not only end up saving time but also money. Hiring people to ensure that your inventory is synced. And sufficient products are available for sales is essential if you are running multiple retail stores. Lightspeed can also help you get statistics on how different stores and employees are performing. Thereby keeping you updated about the entire situation. However, if you are selling through online platforms, Lightspeed WooCommerce Integration can get the work done easily. You can utilize the time spent in cross-checking data more productively. If time is money, then you should opt for WooCommerce Lightspeed Integration and increase your revenue.