Lightspeed Woocommerce Integration

Unless you have been living in a cave, you’ll know that the internet has revolutionised the way business is conducted now. Almost every brand has an online presence. Not only do businesses have an e-commerce site for conducting business, but also have blogs where indirect marketing takes place. WordPress is the most used platform for website and blogs and WooCommerce is the open-source e-commerce plugin available for it. Another software that has helped several small and medium-sized retail businesses with point-of-sale solutions is Lightspeed. Lightspeed WooCommerce integration or Lightspeed WooCommerce Connector is bound to be beneficial.

What is Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale?

Lightspeed is a cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) system that has found immense usage in apparel, bike, jewellery, pet and other industries. For large stores, this is an unbelievable help. In-store inventory can be easily accessed from anywhere in the store via mobile systems and tablets. Conducting sales also becomes easy. Inventory can be managed easily by tracking products apart from creating variation in them (material, colour and size). One can easily see profits, make purchase order etc. thanks to this system.

Is Lightspeed WooCommerce integration available?

This POS is extremely helpful for retailers dealing with sports goods, footwear, home décor etc. The advantages of Lightspeed include easy management of inventory and sale orders, process transactions as well as analytics of the store. Additionally, since many brands have stores in different locations, using Lightspeed helps in synchronising data across all. Fortunately, integration of this software is available with different e-commerce platforms including WooCommerce!

Why should you opt for WooCommerce integration with Lightspeed?

Everyone understands that time is money. Wasting precious time entering the same data twice is foolhardy. Since the majority of e-commerce websites are already using WooCommerce, integrating Lightspeed with WooCommerce makes sense. Thanks to Lightspeed WooCommerce Connector or integration, automatic synchronisation takes place. This results in saving time and labour cost, apart from improving accuracy by removing chances of manual errors. Thanks to this integration, stocks remain updated across all platforms, including online platform and marketplace. Other advantages of integrating Lightspeed with WooCommerce include:

  • One of the major advantages offered by Lightspeed WooCommerce Connector is that you can manage your online and physical store from a single location.
  • Thanks to the integration, you can offer a seamless experience to your customers. Whether the clients are using a mobile, desktop or are exploring your physical store, the quality of service remains the same.
  • With automated synchronisation, you can update product information, price and stock level from Lightspeed retail to your WooCommerce platform.
  • Similarly, customer data and any web sales can be entered in the Lightspeed POS system too!
  • The WooCommerce integration with Lightspeed Retail POS is especially beneficial to actual physical stores. It can help retails grow their online presence without much difficulty.
  • Your inventory, whether online or within the store, always remains up to date, thanks to it.

What happens in case of Lightspeed WooCommerce sync?

If you have understood the advantages of WooCommerce integration with Lightspeed Retail POS you might be looking forward to integrating Lightspeed with WooCommerce. Before going ahead, it is vital that you know that two types of Lightspeed WooCommerce sync options are available:

  • 1-way sync: In this case, WooCommerce does not have any products while Lightspeed is full. The latter will fill WooCommerce with products. Now, the products would be sold through WooCommerce and any changes in inventory are sent back to Lightspeed. Any backend work including product management and inventory is done by Lightspeed, while WooCommerce presents a user-friendly online storefront.
  • 2-way sync: In this scenario, both Lightspeed and WooCommerce have products. Amalgamating both while syncing data requires scanning and comparison to avoid overlapping while importing data. Any products available on both platforms are linked to each other. Products which are available on only one system are copied so that both platforms have those entries.

Get Lightspeed WooCommerce sync to manage your business efficiently

When you choose to go for Lightspeed WooCommerce sync, you are getting the best of both worlds. While Lightspeed ensures that your inventory is properly managed for you to make the appropriate decision; WooCommerce helps to optimise your shopping cart. There are several global leaders which offer integrated e-commerce solutions which help retailers across the world to do business with ease. If you wish to get efficient Lightspeed WooCommerce sync, you should opt for experienced players of the field like SKUPlugs ( What makes them special is that they provide their clients with tailor-made solutions at no extra cost. They can help you integrate POS and e-commerce systems to save time and increase efficiency while eliminating data entry errors.