Lightspeed (R Series) Amazon Integration – Sync Inventory and Orders Between Both Platforms

Amazon is one of the most visited shopping destinations where you can make your variety of products available to millions of businesses and customers. In the year 2020, it accounts for about $386 billion in revenue. Amazon’s e-commerce platform is constantly growing while looking for the most innovative ways to produce maximized revenue. Overall, Amazon has more than 300 million customers globally. Using our Lightspeed Amazon Integration you can connect both platforms.

Want to showcase your products in front of myriads of customers on Amazon? Lightspeed  (R Series) integration with Amazon syncs inventory and orders between both platforms and is the ultimate way to reach this objective as Amazon with no per-item listing fees grows the online business reach and success.

What is Lightspeed?

To successfully meet the retail POS system what retailers need is Lightspeed. This is a one-stop cloud-based retail POS platform that allows retailers to sell across every portal and in every nook of the world with effective management. No matter if you’re using a tablet, laptop, or PC, you can reach potential customers and stay on top of sales with Lightspeed Retail.

Restaurants can also connect their POS to several online delivery platforms such as Foodora, Uber Eats, etc. using Lightspeed Delivery. However, retailers can use Lightspeed eCommerce to sell anytime and anywhere for expanded presence.

Customizing the Lightspeed platform helps reach peak performance and stand out from the rest. Lightspeed Retail provides a simpler way to create, manage, and boost the retail business. Overall, it can be said that Lightspeed Retail is not just a point of sale but more than that.

Amazon Integration

Integrating Amazon to POS specifically intended for physical retailers. It helps brick-and-mortar retailers in simplifying multichannel sales and selling their products online. Amazon Integration provides the most simplified procedure for automated inventory sync, sales order downloading, and product feed. Any type or size of business can integrate Lightspeed with Amazon to sell any sort of product on Amazon.

Why Retailers are Choosing Omnichannel?

You might have seen that online customers have so many options to choose from for online shopping. N number of shopping portals are there in the internet world showing multiple brands with varying price comparisons and great discounts or offers. That’s a reason why most companies including online and offline stores want to be available on platforms such as Amazon. It is more often required to start a transaction on a single channel and finish it on another one. This is known as Omnichannel Commerce. Amazon integration with Lightspeed is required to become an Omnichannel eCommerce provider.

How Does Lightspeed Integration with Amazon Work?

Integrating Amazon and Lightspeed can be done in three simple steps. These are described below –

  1. Lightspeed APIs are connected to Amazon to gain access to all API data. It helps in creating the required integration.
  2. Apply innovative tools and features to add and better transform the data to the required format. Even such tools also help in effectively modifying the integrations according to their specific business requirements.
  3. After successful integration, monitoring, and logging systems are used to quickly find out the API conflicts and integration errors. It helps in using the best possible solutions.

Key Features of Integration with Lightspeed and Amazon

  1. Sync fulfillment-lag time
  2. Automatic sales and customer data transfer between Amazon and Lightspeed Retail
  3. Out-of-the-box integration
  4. Save quality time and precious resources
  5. Simpler management of products prices, lists, sales, customer, and inventory data
  6. All-time professional and satisfactory support
  7. Sync products’ prices and stock from Lightspeed to Amazon
  8. Highly flexible and future proof
  9. Completely accurate inventory across every Lightspeed POS and Amazon
  10. Amazon orders and customers posting into Lightspeed

How Retailers can Expand their Business with Lightspeed and Amazon Integration?

Amazon integration with Lightspeed is the ultimate option for retailers to rule out over the internet world for enhanced business growth. Here is how it can prove helpful for retailers.

Automate Fulfillment Process

Integrating these platforms automate the fulfillment process in several ways. It allows retailers to sell anywhere by automatically updating the quantities to prevent stock outs and overselling. Even you can view and manage orders automatically without any manual effort. Alongside this, you can also leverage Amazon’s network of fulfillment centers.

Extend the Market Share

Integration with several E-commerce platforms facilitates work with worldwide retailers. They can sell more products in more areas around the globe. They can list so many products on Amazon only in a few minutes. This eventually expands the market shares at a wider level.

Data Management

During Lightspeed integration with Amazon, several API methods are used for working with orders, shipments, products, customers, and category information obtained from online stores.

Automatic Sync

Apart from automating the fulfillment processes, integration also allows the automatic sync of inventory levels between Amazon and Lightspeed Retail. Also, it automatically syncs inventory, sales, and customer information across several physical and online stores.

Sales and Inventory Tracking The most complicated task of keeping a track of sales and inventory across all channels becomes easier with the integration of these two platforms. Even it also activates the amazing features of multi-location inventory and in-store pickup.

Other Benefits of Integrating Amazon and Lightspeed

There is a wide range of excellent benefits associated with Lightspeed and Amazon integration. These are as follows –

  1. Automatic inventory synchronization between physical stores and Amazon
  2. Feed Amazon orders to point of sale system
  3. POS connection to Amazon
  4. Reduce manual and duplicate data entry on websites
  5. Enhance customer satisfaction by fulfilling their orders accurately and quickly
  6. Customize data routes to meet the configuration
  7. Automatically update orders and inventory between POS and Amazon
  8. Reach potential Amazon customers

Download Amazon Orders into Lightspeed Store

After integrating Lightspeed and Amazon, it becomes easier for a store owner to download Amazon orders into a particular Lightspeed store. The reliable integration system offers a rich and flexible user interface for effective management of the sync processes.

Use Additional Sales Channel Other than Amazon

Integration is not only limited to Amazon even you can connect multiple sales channels along with Amazon. Hence, if you are not seeing that in the package or plan of your selected service provider, you may ask for that. They may develop the custom integration as per your requirement.

Look for the Trustworthy Integration Service Provider

There are many more benefits you can avail of by switching to this combination. So, look for a reliable company offering result-oriented integration services with strict deadlines. Make sure professionals use the best-in-class technology. The key attribute of a recognized service provider is that they allow the synchronization of orders, stocks, products, and customers for providing the most versatile solution.

The use of cutting-edge technology facilitates the system to automatically select the newly included products and the modified ones at the point of sale. All the items will automatically update on the Amazon store. It reduces manual efforts to a great extent by allowing an automatic update of the complete order information in Lightspeed. During downloading, the system quickly figures out if the order is placed by an existing customer or a new one. So, if you want to remain at the top of the competition and don’t want to miss the chance to reach your potential customers, then get Lightspeed Integration with Amazon services. If you are still not sure about whether it would benefit you or not, then go for its days free trial. You will start noticing the incredible differences in your business growth soon.

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