Windward WooCommerce Integration is user-friendly and easy to understand, whether you sell single item or 1 lakh items. Our Platform can streamline and automate the inventory syncing. Windward WooCommerce integration automatically update inventory to WooCommerce , saving your time and reducing costly errors. Our automated process will sync product catalog details from Windward to your WooCommerce and sales orders from WooCommerce to Windward . It will automatically decimating inventory levels after sales. When these processes are not automated, mistake happen. Product details could be incorrect or missing increase the overselling on your online sales channel.

Benefits of Windward WooCommerce Integration
• Create product in Windward POS once and see them reflected on WooCommerce.
• Make Windward POS the center of your online business.
• Connect Windward with WooCommerce, sync Inventory, Orders, Customers and automate manual processes.
• Automatically synchronize Windward POS inventory between WooCommerce and on other marketplaces too..
• Constant integration keeps inventory up to date in both WooCommerce and Windward system five.
• Full control over product information like Stock, different levels of prices, Long and short descriptions, Title and Images.
• Sync orders information from WooCommerce to your Windward POS system.
• Sync Windward’s multiple price levels to WooCommerce.
• Sync customers information from WooCommerce to Windward POS.
• Assign promotional and sale prices on products as well as regular pricing in Windward POS it will reflect in WooCommerce
• Avoid overselling

Go for SKU Plugs Windward System Five WooCommerce Integration
Being in such a dynamic e-commerce industry we understand how the marketplace operates and what solutions are required to best fit into our client’s business operations. We keep on updating the from the technology front to meet the industry standards, which puts SKU Plugs POS cloud-based integration solution apart from others.
Easy & Free Setup
Creating a setup on our POS integration platform is easy as well as free. We don’t charge anything to create and for setting up your POS profile. Many companies are charging lots of money for creating setup but are providing absolutely free.