eCommerce Integration

Business is way more competitive today than it used to be. Ideally, a business would do anything in its limits to have an edge over its competition. That is exactly what Lightspeed POS integration is. It such a tool that provides a business with an edge. There are, however, a few things that you need to know about Lightspeed POS integration before implementing this state of the art system. These features have been mentioned below. 

  •   Quick Checking Out

A good Point of Sale integration software by sku plugs will always be to simplify the entire checkout process. This also implies that it would allow the sales team some room and take the burden off their shoulders. The sales unit of a business, thus, would have to put less effort in the process. In case there is a manual process that the sales unit has to put an effort in, it means that the POS integration system needs to be replaced. When an order received on integrated sales channel like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and Bigcommerce Lightspeed integrator automatically record that order into Lightspeed POS.

  •   Inventory Management 

Inventory management or tracking is a prime feature of any top Point of Sales system. Going by the textbook, a good Point of Sale software should be able to make the inventory tracking process effortless. A business should be able to monitor all the business related information, be it about the customers or the business itself in a systematic way. Thus, a good POS integration system will not only save time but also make processes a lot easier for the business. SKUPlugs Lightspeed integration will manage your inventory on lightspeed and your integrated online store.

  •   Customer Information 

Businesses deal with customers all day. This is especially true in the case of small to medium-sized businesses. Thus, there is a need for a system that would allow a business to keep a track of critical customer data and manage it from time to time. Lightspeed retail POS integration will automatically add the online customers details into system.

  •   Automatic Purchasing System 

SKUPlugs POS integration system allows a business to have a streamlined way of connecting to its supplying units. For instance, in case a vendor is running low on certain products, it is the job of a POS software to approach the suppliers to initiate a new purchase. This allows for time-saving and avoids any carelessness on the vendor’s part. 

  •   Web-Based Functionality 

The world today is operating on the web. Anything that is not is termed as obsolete. SKUPlugs POS integration software is a web-based application which manage the integration between your POS and Sales channels. You can check your inventory and sales orders on SKUplugs also.

  •   Reporting Mechanism 

A reporting feature is simply a process where the SKUPlugs system makes timely reports and sends it to the administration. This helps the business stay in line with its goals and keep a record of every single detail.