Loyverse Shopify

How Do I Connect Loyverse POS With Shopify And Sync Product Details And Inventory?

Shopify is a popular eCommerce platform widely used by developers and merchants. To date, it has powered over 600,000 businesses in over 150 countries. Because of the numerous features and simple interface, an increasing number of businesses are choosing this for their online stores. Both small and large businesses are using Shopify to boost their online traffic and manage their inventory. Hence, opting for Loyverse and Shopify Integration becomes a wise decision for your business.

Loyverse is a simple, pure-play, and powerful POS (point of sale) tool that makes sales easier and faster. It is a dependable retail management solution for cafes, beauty salons, and more stores. It provides a social networking service for customers and facilitates their ability to generate their own virtual storefronts and sell items on social networking sites.

Why integrate Loyverse and Shopify?

Loyverse Shopify Integration is a user-friendly and highly beneficial approach for retailers, merchants, or other businesses selling a single, 1 million, or more products. It can streamline and automate sales as well as inventory, with customers syncing. The integration allows access to data about sales orders and keeps updating them with the correct stock situation.

It facilitates users’ ability to sell items directly from any device, thereby saving extra costs. You, too, can manage online payments more effectively. As data is synchronized over the web connection, all the transactions performed in offline mode are made to the system when there is internet connectivity.

Easier Integration

Integration of your Loyverse POS with Shopify works perfectly for everyone. Whether you’re starting a new online store or increasing the sales of an existing one, you’ll need POS and eCommerce platforms. If you are using any of these platforms, you can go ahead and integrate them with your respective platform.

You can simply import your previous data across any of these platforms to access a consolidated account of your items. All the sales will reflect in both places automatically for an accurate account as all the stock will be available at both the eCommerce storefront and back-end point of sale.

The Benefits of Integrating Loyverse POS and Shopify

Loyverse POS Shopify Connection not only allows users to sell more products in multiple places. But it also helps list products on Shopify in just a few minutes. Integrating these platforms provides benefits in a lot more ways, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Automatic updating of the quantities helps prevent overselling as well as stockouts.
  2. The integration allows merchants to add products from big brands to their respective virtual storefronts on other marketplaces like Amazon, Farfetch, Lazada, etc. This further helps them to boost sales as it will allow them to tap into these big brands’ loyal fan bases.
  3. Since orders are more accurately and quickly fulfilled, it helps businesses improve customer satisfaction.
  4. Integration benefits both companies involved, as it makes both parties’ user bases larger.
  5. Merchants can benefit a lot more from this integration as it facilitates marketing their products via a different channel. This resulted in increased revenue and increased sales volume.
  6. Integration reduces or completely removes double data entry. Thereby saving valuable time by managing online and in-store data in a single location.
  7. Keeping track of sales and inventory across all channels becomes easier and faster. Even so, it enables certain crucial features, such as in-store pickup and multi-location inventory.

Where Can I Get Result-Oriented Integration Services?

Recognizing the significance of Loyverse’s integration with Shopify, many companies are now offering platform integration services. To get the best return on investment, you need to look for a reliable service provider such as SKUPlugs.

You will get a 15-day free trial along with other pricing plans with advanced features to let you make the best decision based on your requirements. The experts will connect your Loyverse point of sale and Shopify in just a few clicks. They will configure it according to your business requirements.


Integrate Loyverse Point of Sale, or Loyverse POS, and Shopify platforms to better manage your orders, sales, inventory, and customer data in one location. It will help you sell a lot more in more places with the most effective time usage by managing your web and in-store operations as one. So, why waste your time and efforts manually performing various business tasks when you can do all that automatically? Choose your best pricing plan and start taking advantage of the integration services right away.