Lightspeed retail and bigcommerce integration

Running an online business is not an issue today. The process has become easy due to availability of multiple eCommerce platforms. No matter where you are, you can easily run the business to sell anything. All kind of products nowadays can be bought today with few clicks. Increasing the sales is quite smooth for small and medium size businesses with the use of platforms like BigCommerce. Most of us are using mobile as well as web applications to explore the things online. There are many social sites and marketplaces through which individuals can get profits for the business running online. To manage all such things one need to keep an eye on inventory. To sell products and keep a check on if they are in stock, it is crucial to use software applications. Lightspeed and Bigcommerce integration assists to handle all the things without making any extra or manual effort.

Lightspeed Bigcommerce Integration offers an optimized and well managed shopping platform, as well as this integration saves money, time as well as your worthy efforts. This sync perfectly combines the customer details and sales record/order. The benefit of using Bigcommerce Lightspeed integration is automatic updates on your Bigcommerce platform if you have already inserted the product details into the POS. The platform which has set of particular rules can assist the entrepreneurs in this. The product fields that can be used in Bigcommerce are: “item name”, “department name”, “brand”, “description”, “sales price”, “manufacturer” etc. In this way, there are lots of fields those are required to be filled with specific data.

Importance and work of POS Applications

The manual process of inventory management to maintain the sales and its records is not now in demand. The days are gone when people used to do that. The way you use POS eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce to get a great number of people as your client and audience, similarly point of sale applications are useful to combine and managed the sales and inventory records.

The benefit of using POS like Lightspeed helps you to sync all the data without any failure. The entire process is automatic as well as often you can use it in real-time performance. Making a manual entry, checking that and matching it for different platforms is really a difficult and time taking task that includes extra care too. The proper and clear display of inventory conditions makes ecommerce platforms worthy as they let you to keep in check if your reputation is clear or going to a path to face loss.

Lightspeed integration with Bigcommerce allows you to keep an eye if you are doing a wrong or double entry for the same client. Double entries are possibly done in manual work that not only fills the inventory as well as makes you confuse too. Along with managing details to make a bill for client, it also helps to update you about products those are going to be out of stock soon. Amongst lots of options available outside for POS Applications, Lightspeed can be right choice for you due to the qualities it has. The list of its advantages makes it choice of many businesses.

How Lightspeed provides you lots of benefits

With lots of amazing benefits, lightspeed worked for many businesses to let them grow. And enhance the business properly. From employee performance to customer information as well as inventory details all can be stored. And synced together through integration of Lightspeed Bigcommerce

See what more you can gain with the use of Lightspeed:

  • Easiest management of Inventory: 

  • The simplest and easy facility of transferring data from one place to other platform through excel file, you can get with Lightspeed import tool. It is helpful for updating the catalogs, making purchase orders for customers and vendors etc.

  • Easy Access of data:

  •  Getting data of frequent customers, the performance of employees, stock situations etc. are simply accessible in just few seconds without wasting time and efforts.

  • Flexibility to perform well: 

  • The worth of POS applications like Lightspeed cannot be ignored. It makes the task easier and faster so transactions can be done smoothly and quickly. It simply assists to minimize the time taken in making customer records. The training cost and time for such tools is also flexible and affordable.

  • One and on application:

  •  The single POS can assist you for tracking of inventory for multiple eCommerce stores and websites. Lightspeed is one of such applications which work for placing orders over different web platforms, the orders can be done for specific products chosen by customers.

  • Saves Customer Information:

  •  you should always store the data for customers visited you for purchasing the products. It assists you to keep record for customers who visit you regularly. And you can offer some discounts to them on next visit. However the stored data helps you to offer quick shipping if the process of purchase is executed online by customers.

  • Options for making payment:

  •  The worth of Lightspeed is getting multiple choices for making payments. There are secure payment gateways in Lightspeed. The one can be chosen by customer at the time of finishing process of product purchase. The entire process is safe and computerized. So; one can get a refund easily in case the need of return comes over.

With all these benefits and more which are not jotted down here. One reason due to which this application is in high demand is its simple and easy integration with different eCommerce platforms. BigCommerce is one such platform which has compatible nature with Lightspeed and can be easily integrated with it.

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