Windward Magento Integration

Windward is a World’s Most Adaptable Business Management Software. It is designed for ultimate smooth sailing an configured for your business in your specific industry. It is easy to learn software helps you run your business, instead of just reporting on it. Windward System Five offers independent retailers powerful point of sale features and controls not normally found in comparable systems. Some key features of Windward are simple payment processing, bar-code scanning, serial number tracking, labour costs, alternate suppliers, signature capture and more.


Windward Magento Integration is user-friendly and easy to understand, whether you sell single item or 1 lakh items. It is very simple Inventory Management System for Magento retailers. Keep track of stock movement between warehouse and point-of-sale. Our Platform can streamline and automate the inventory syncing. Windward Magento integration automatically update inventory to Magento, saving your time and reducing costly errors. Our automated process will sync product catalog details from Windward to your Magento and sales orders from Magento to Windward . It will automatically decimating inventory levels after sales. When these processes are not automated, mistake happen. Product details could be incorrect or missing increase the overselling on your online sales channel.


Benefits of Windward Magento Integration

  • Accurate inventory syncing to avoid overselling
  • Save time and reducing costly errors
  • Sync online customers data to Windward
  • Simplify how you manage price and product changes to inventory
  • No programming skills needed
  • Handle increased demand in online orders without extra resources


Why SKU Plugs?

We have integrated many POS, Marketplace and Shopping carts , we know what it takes to have a successful integration for our valuable clients. Clients just need to enable a plugin to make two entirely different systems communicate peacefully – as well as provide you with full ongoing support. We’ll make sure that you have the best integration possible that fulfill your all requirements without any manual work. We are providing absolutely free setup.

Our system allow you to pull or push data from & to various POS Integration, Marketplaces and Shopping carts. No programming skills needed.

Our Prices

$79  Per Month

$500 Setup Fee

No percentage of transaction fees

Month-to-month subscription/no annual contracts

No hidden charges

24*7  Support, always eager to help

14 days free trial. No credit card required

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