Square Wix Integration

The Best Integration Platform For Square POS And Wix Websites

Wix, a website builder, provides useful tools to easily create the web, without writing a line of code line. You can use it’s drag-and-drop editor to customize your website to your liking. Square is a POS (point of sale) system that features capabilities such as sales reports, digital receipts, online payment processing, SMS marketing campaigns, inventory tracking, and lots more. SKUPlugs provides the best Square and Wix Integration to boost your business.

Does Wix work best with Square?

Loaded with intuitive site design and alluring templates, Wix is an ideal choice for an online store platform. It comes with free plans, but you will require a monthly subscription for eCommerce. Reconciling Wix with Square will provide you with an exceptional feature set. For example, sync the product title, description, prices, dimensions, weight, supplier, etc.

When you connect Square POS and Wix, you will get an omnichannel selling experience. Our integration platform will automatically sync your details between both connected platforms. The system provides you with functionality where you can configure the integration platforms as per your requirements.

Make your online and in-store sales seamless.

Customers want the freedom to shop at your store whenever and wherever they want, with no complications. No matter whether they’re relaxing at home and using their computer system or standing at the counter of your physical store, they expect to easily buy what they want. Providing a smooth and satisfactory customer experience online and in-store is challenging and time-consuming. Thanks to Square integration with Wix, reconciling the sales made in those two stores is seamless and faster.

The integration provides the ease of using Square to simply process payments done via your Wix website. By connecting your Square and Wix accounts, you can easily access the sales made on your Wix website directly in your Square Dashboard. This eventually aids in tracking both online and offline sales data in one location. Moreover, it will also assist you in making well-informed decisions associated with online and in-store valuable resources, inventory, sales, and marketing. This ultimately helps increase your business’s reach and revenue.

Centralize Reporting

Integrating Square POS and Wix improves the possibility of getting more exposure to prospective customers and getting more sales from online and brick-and-mortar stores through Square point of sale. You will also get more user-friendly and centralized reporting options to better optimize sales opportunities. It will help you with mailing to customers, discounts, promotions, advertising, and lots more.

Other Benefits of Integrating Square POS and Wix

Alongside making in-store and online store sales seamless, you can accept web and brick-and-mortar payments via Square through a mobile device based point of sale system. Square Wix Integration automatically syncs the physical POS with the merchant’s online catalogue and inventory on Wix. This website builder facilitates sellers’ running an omnichannel business.

Let’s jump ahead on how integrating your point of sale system and Wix website will benefit you.

  1. Sync information related to products, prices, and inventory from Square to your Wix store.
  2. Sync your basic and variant items.
  3. Ease inventory, sales, and order management processes.
  4. Sync the prices, tags, and meta descriptions of multilevel products.
  5. Connecting these two platforms allows no manual work and reduces human error.
  6. Avoid overselling, which helps keep inventory accurate.
  7. It unlocks truly important data in the process.
  8. The integration gives you the opportunity to evaluate your ability based on actual revenue.
  9. creates a unified omnichannel experience, enhances customer interaction, and expands customer base
  10. improves business growth and revenue.

Wrapping Up: 

If you are looking for a result-oriented method to take your business online and expand its reach, Square Wix Connection is the best option. By integrating your Wix and Square accounts, sales on your site will be available in your Square dashboard, and inventory will also be correct on your Wix website. Tracking online and in-person sales data in one place is possible after connecting these accounts.