Square Shopify Integration Solution

Scale Your eCommerce Business with Square Shopify Integration

Are Shopify’s limited payment options and high transaction fees taking up a huge percentage of your profits? If YES, Square and Shopify Integration is the solution you should go for. It resolves the issue of high transaction fees and amplifies your store performance with a number of payment options. 

Is it even possible to integrate Square and Shopify?

The answer is a definite Yes. 

In this blog, we’ll talk about how Square Shopify Integration helps in scaling your eCommerce business and also the most convenient option to set up the integration.


To begin with, let’s talk about how Square is helpful for eCommerce stores.

Key Takeaways


  • Square and Shopify Integration resolves the problem of high transaction fees on Shopify and adds more payment options.


  • Integrating Square and Shopify allows businesses to deliver better customer experience by offering seamless checkout experience, automated inventory management, and real-time sync of important details.


  • With Square Shopify Integration, businesses can increase their reach and sales by choosing to sell on multiple channels in an organized manner.

Square Payments for eCommerce Startups

Square is one of the most popular payment processing solutions that lets businesses accept payments both online and in-person seamlessly. The highly interactive and user-friendly interface of Square has made it the first choice for merchants of all sizes. 

Its comprehensive suite of payment solutions are designed in a way that are capable of delivering custom options depending on the type of business. 

Moreover, Square offers businesses various benefits including various tools that help build a dynamic system for managing complex payment workflows, inventory, and one can also see the sales analytics.

In lesser words – Square breaks the barriers of traditional payment methods and imparts the power of seamless business operations to businesses.


So, this was a short brief about Square and how it helps businesses take off with its payment solutions. Now, let’s discuss in detail how Square helps businesses tackle various eCommerce challenges. Later, we’ll talk about the best solution for Square Shopify Integration.

Challenges Faced by eCommerce Businesses

It is not easy to run a successful eCommerce business. There are so many challenges faced by eCom merchants when it comes to establishing a profitable online business. 

Some of the most common challenges are - 

  • Higher Competition - With the eCommerce industry expected to touch 5.42 trillion dollars this year as per reports, the competition among online businesses is now too intense.

  • Inventory Management - The task of managing inventory across different platforms and stores is a complex game that consumes a lot of man-hours. And if not paid attention to, it leads to merchants losing a big chunk of money on their business.

  • Customer Experience - Good customer experience is the differentiating factor why some eCommerce businesses are able to crack the big sales numbers. But without having proper business operations in place, it is typical sum for merchants to solve.

Does Square Shopify Integration help in tackling any of these eCommerce challenges?

Yes, of course.

Using Square and Shopify Integration, businesses can take advantage of seamless business operations, automated inventory management, real-time sync of crucial details, and much more that in turn leads them to providing excellent customer experience, resulting in more sales and revenue. 

We’ll now discuss the benefits of Square Shopify Integration in detail.

Benefits of Square Shopify Integration for Merchants

  • Seamless Payment Solutions

When you integrate Square and Shopify, it puts in place a streamlined payment process for the customers. The integration thereby helps merchants in offering a quick checkout experience across multiple devices to their customers.

The secured payment processing capabilities of Square, when integrated with Shopify, allow businesses to accept payments through a faster medium as it reduces the friction from the purchasing process.

  • Better Customer Experience

Good customer experience should be the top priority for every eCommerce business. With Square Shopify Integration, businesses become capable of offering a hassle free checkout experience to the customers by activating a seamless payment experience. It results in a reduced number of abandoned cart rates and delivers better customer satisfaction. 

  • Automated Inventory Management

Inventory is the backbone of every eCommerce business and managing it becomes super easy with Square and Shopify Integration. It is because with the integration, businesses are able to synchronise their multiple stores, online or offline which enables accurate stock tracking and prevents overselling. 

  • Omnichannel Selling Options

Square Shopify Integration allows businesses to take the approach of selling across multiple channels, online and offline, which increases their reach and maximizes their sales. In short, integrating Square and Shopify gives businesses the power to reach their customers where they are. 

  • Access to insightful Data and Analytics

Merchants require data driven strategies to scale their business. Integrating Square and Shopify allows them to have access to valuable sales data, performance metrics, customer insights, and a lot more crucial information that helps them in optimising their plans for achieving better growth.

It is absolutely clear to you now that Integrating Square and Shopify actually holds benefits that can drive your business from performing ordinarily to excellently. 

Now comes the real question. “What is the best way for integrating Square and Shopify?”

How to Integrate Square and Shopify?

The internet is full of websites offering integration solutions. However, choosing the right one is crucial to reaping the full benefits of Square Shopify Integration.

At this point, SKUPlugs is one of the most trusted and fastest integration solution providers. It offers seamless integration between Square and Shopify and multiple other eCommerce and POS integrations. 


Known to be the most productive third-party integration solution provider, SKUPlugs is fully loaded with features that make it the best in the market right now for integrating Square and Shopify.

3 Key Reasons to Choose SKUPlugs for Square Integration

  • Customizable Options: You get the option to customize your Integration as per your business which ensures your business functions in the most optimum way. 

  • Extremely Fast: Using SKUPlugs requires only a few steps to complete the Square Shopify Integration, making it the most convenient option for doing so.

  • Great Customer Support: The experts at SKUPlugs are available 24/7 to extend any sort of technical support required for you to complete integrating Square and Shopify.

Square and Shopify Integration - A Better Way to Business

Scaling your eCommerce business requires the right tools and a strategic plan. Integrating Square and Shopify using SKUPlugs forms a crucial part of such strategy. It is because the integration allows merchants to enable streamlined business operations, enhanced payment options, and excellent customer experience to their business. 

Choose the best solution for Square Shopify Integration – Choose SKUPlugs.  Sign up now to start your free trial.