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Reasons Why Automation Is The Secret Sauce For Ecommerce Success

Want to take your eCommerce business to the next level? eCommerce automation is the way to achieve your goal of expanding your online retail store. 


What is eCommerce automation? How does it help in growing an eCommerce store?


These questions don’t require you to dive deep into the ocean to find answers. Keep reading this blog to the end, and you’ll come across answers to all your questions about eCommerce automation.

Key Takeaways

  • eCommerce automation lets you streamline your repetitive tasks and saves a lot of time, assisted with higher accuracy.

  • With the help of automation, you can deliver a better customer experience, thereby achieving higher customer engagement.

  • Accurate inventory management and quick order processing are among the important benefits of eCommerce automation.

eCommerce Automation - The pulse of online retail businesses

Running an eCommerce store is not just about finding the right product and putting a price tag next to it. From building customer communication to marketing and shipping, there are endless things that need the utmost attention. 

And that’s where eCommerce automation comes in.

What is eCommerce automation?


You may already be familiar with the term automation. It usually means something that happens automatically, without any human intervention.


eCommerce automation refers to the practices of using technology to drive some tasks that are triggered by certain actions from customers, your team, etc. In simpler words, you set up some rules for implementing a certain task. And whenever the rules are met, the predefined actions take place on their own.


For example – 


You send welcome emails to your customers whenever they sign up. Using automation tools, you can integrate different platforms and set up a flow that allows the system to automatically send a welcome email to the customer whenever a customer signs up.


Another instance of eCommerce automation can be found in inventory management. You can implement a rule that whenever an order is received, you get an instant message with an updated inventory. 


Isn’t it great?

Now, let’s take your questions one by one. First, how can eCommerce automation help my business?

Benefits of eCommerce Automation

The shopping habits of customers have changed, and more and more people are buying things online. Also, customers these days have high expectations of getting faster and more comfortable deliveries. 


To keep your business ahead in the competitive track of eCommerce, adding automation to your team is extremely essential. Your whys are answered well, and the benefits of eCommerce automation are mentioned below.

Saves a lot of time

You can automate all the repetitive tasks and never have to worry about them. This leads you to save a lot of time from mundane tasks and focus on other important aspects of your business. For example – you can automate data entry tasks like order details, inventory, etc. 


Automation can help you eliminate human intervention. Moreover, you’ll get accurate data in your records since automation reduces the chances of errors.


You can also schedule sales promotions and automate new product releases. eCommerce automation also lets you track purchases, provide rewards, and more.

Improved Customer Engagement and  Satisfaction

One crucial area where eCommerce automation drives massive benefits is customer engagement. Imagine you are able to interact with your customers every time they sign up or purchase a product from your online store. This will enable you to build better relationships with your customers.


The result?


You’ll be able to deliver a better customer experience, helping your business build a loyal customer base. 


Note: Acquiring new customers is five times costlier than selling to your existing customers. 

Accurate Inventory Management

Once you introduce automation to your eCommerce business, managing your inventory becomes a complete breeze.  Your team doesn’t need to manually enter the inventory data and do the cumbersome task. With automation, your inventory stays updated in real-time without any effort from you or your teammates.


A great advantage of this lies in accurate inventory management that ultimately helps you in – 


  1. Stock management – no stockouts or over stocking of products


  1. Order synchronization – order information is shared across channels through a unified portal, leading to timely delivery to your customers.


  1. Make informed decisions – accurate inventory numbers help you in making informed decisions for your business.


Integrating your POS and eCommerce is one of the swiftest ways to automate your inventory management.


You’ll read more about it in the latter part of this blog. 

Faster deliveries to the customers

Another great benefit of ecommerce automation is the ease it brings in directly processing orders, printing receipts, shipping labels, and more without any interference from your team.


This lets you provide accurate tracking information to the customers and adds a lot to the customer satisfaction bar. 


After reading this, you must have realized how important it is to add automation to your eCommerce business. But it may be overwhelming for you to identify where to start from.


Don’t worry!


One great way to automate your eCommerce business is to choose eCommerce POS integration for your eCommerce business.

What is eCommerce POS Integration?

Integrating eCommerce and POS systems is a way to enable data transfer across your online stores and the POS system. It includes data like inventory, order details, order information, and even more.


The integration lets you manage your inventory across multiple sales channels in an effective manner. It is like adding extra arms to your business, as the integration lets you automate a lot of things. 

Benefits of eCommerce POS integration

  • Multichannel Sales


eCommerce POS integration allows you to sell your products on multiple platforms as the integration creates a unified system for tracking inventory, orders, and other crucial data. 


  • Avoid Overselling


Since you get a holistic view of your inventory from all your sales channels in one place, it is easier for you to avoid overselling products. Accurate inventory numbers also save you from overstocking products.


  • Better Customer Experience


The integration speeds up your business operations, including order processing. This helps businesses ensure timely deliveries that always lead to happy customers.


What is the best way to integrate POS and eCommerce?

SKUPlugs - Advanced POS and eCommerce Integration Solutions

There is no better solution to POS and eCommerce integrations than SKUPlugs. This is what our customers who are using SKUPlugs’ integration solutions are.


SKUPlugs offers advanced eCommerce POS integration solutions that let businesses automate their inventory management and order processing and also synchronize data across multiple channels.


The best thing about using SKUPlugs is that you don’t need to write a single code to establish the integration. In a few easy steps, you can finish setting up your eCommerce POS integration. The highly simplified interface of SKUPlugs adds cherry to the cake, and configuring the synchronization rules is super easy. 


More reasons to choose SKUPlugs – 


  • Customized integration solutions available

  • Excellent customer support

  • Wide range of integration solution


SKUPlugs offers solutions to all the top integration requirements, including – Lightspeed Shopify Integration, Lightspeed Woocommerce Integration, Loyverse Shopify and Loyverse WooCommerce Integration, Zoho Shopify and Zoho WooCommerce integration, Square Shopify Integration, Amazon integrations, and the list goes long enough to cover your integration requirements. 

Final Takeaway

You can not deny the need for eCommerce automation for your business. From automating customer interactions, marketing activities, and almost everything, automation is necessary to seamlessly operate your eCommerce business. 


The benefits of automation are also huge – Excellent customer experience, multichannel selling, faster deliveries, and much more. SKUPlugs admires innovations and, therefore, provides efficient eCommerce POS integration solutions. 


With endless customization options and excellent customer support, SKUPlugs is your number-one solution for all types of shopping carts, marketplace, and POS integrations.


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