Lightspeed x-series and Bigcommerce Integration

All you need to power and grow your retail business (online and brick-and-mortar) is the seamless integration of your e-commerce platform and POS (Point-of-sale) system. It will assist you in getting your valuable time back in your daily business operations by automating their work and spending more time satisfying your loyal customers. You can sell on multiple channels without any complexity and boost your bottom line with real-time insights. If you’re looking for Lightspeed X Series BigCommerce integration to sell across your channels, then this post will put an end to your search.

What is BigCommerce?

It is a leading eCommerce platform that has everything you need to sell online for better growth and maximum revenue. It is a cloud-based solution that allows businesses to create, run, and grow their online stores, providing a customised online shopping experience for their customers. The responsive templates and engaging website designs help in increasing mobile online shopping experiences to quickly increase sales and business growth.

One of the most beneficial features of BigCommerce is that it provides a variety of tools and themes to create a customised, professional-looking online store. A user-friendly drag-and-drop website builder provides the ease of creating custom pages and layouts without requiring any technical know-how. The integrated SEO tools help in optimizing the online stores for search engines like Bing and Google to achieve top page ranking, improve online visibility, reach new customers, and expand business reach.

What is the Lightspeed X Series, or Vend?

Lightspeed X Series is an excellent retail POS for BigCommerce stores. Vend is the same as Lightspeed because it is now one of the most important parts of the Lightspeed family. It is the one-stop commerce platform for restaurants, merchants, and retailers around the world to scale products and inventory, and offer brilliant customer experiences. The Vend POS provides many resources to allow businesses to focus on what they do best and thrive in a competitive landscape.

The ability to manage multiple sales channels facilitates retailer’s ability to run and handle their online and in-store sales from a single location, reducing the need for manual data entry and eliminating the error risk. Lightspeed X Series is an unmatched POS that prevents the hassle of business management by providing a wide range of customer engagement, inventory management, sales management, and reporting tools.

So, organizations will have more time for the operations that matter most. It provides a central platform to take care of business on any device and from anywhere, thereby facilitating easier management of multiple stores and sales growth.

The Importance of Vend and BigCommerce Integration

Get ready to earn money across all your channels with BigCommerce integration with Vend, which allows selling on a specific marketplace, multiple online stores, and social media. You can even choose to showcase your online inventory from one or various store locations. This integration helps leverage the power of both of these cloud-based platforms for tracking and managing your stores in the cloud. It provides access to all the essential tools needed to sell more profitably online and in-store.

  1. Easier setup

The integration of BigCommerce and Vend or Lightspeed X Series platforms is a straightforward and quick process. It can be performed with a few clicks within a couple of minutes with no coding or programming skills or experience required. There are multiple integration methods to choose from.

  1. Sync data between Vend and BigCommerce.

The seamless integration allows the sync of different sorts of data like product details, inventory, product type, product prices, and more between these two platforms. It helps with easier management of online and brick-and-mortar sales from a single central location, saving valuable resources.

The integration also allows the synchronisation of variations and simple products. Moreover, you can sync Lightspeed X Series custom fields with your BigCommerce store. The synchronisation of tags, Meta descriptions, and prices of multi-level products simplifies the product and inventory management processes.

  1. Eliminate double data entry.

Integrating Vend with BigCommerce automates repetitive tasks and saves time. Effective synchronisation helps with the easier update of any data between connected platforms. This helps stop the double entry of data and saves manpower. The lack of human effort reduces the risk of errors.

  1. Valuable and real-time insights

The Vend BigCommerce integration allows retailers to access valuable insights into their customers’ purchasing patterns, demographics, preferences, orders, and sales history. Gathering all of the sales data and customer details in one location helps in making informed business decisions.

  1. Customer engagement

Real-time insights into customers’ purchasing behavior, requirements, and other needs help in creating the most targeted marketing campaigns. It improves overall customer engagement and helps turn them into loyal customers.

  1. Increase customer satisfaction and experience

Gaining customer data, sales history, order management, and inventory management processes helps in providing the best shopping experience to customers. The updated stock availability and timely shipping will increase their satisfaction. BigCommerce integration with Vend helps prevent the delay between order placement and shipping by allowing easier, faster, and automatic data synchronisation between both platforms.

  1. Better team collaboration

By integrating BigCommerce and Vend POS, you can improve collaboration between your team members. The BigCommerce orders and customer data will automatically get posted into Lightspeed (Vend), making it easier for a team to share information and timely perform tasks.

What is the Best Way to Integrate BigCommerce and Vend?

Now that you are well aware of the importance of BigCommerce and Vend or Lightspeed X Series integration, it’s time to opt for the best integration method. SKUPlugs provides a powerful eCommerce integration platform that automates your workflow and takes your productivity to the next level with higher sales growth and revenue. You can get started enjoying the integration benefits by simply connecting and configuring both platforms and applying the specific syncing rules based on your business needs. All this is possible without requiring any credit or annual contracts. If you have recently started a new retail business, sign up for a 15-day trial that requires no payment.