Fancy Integration

Fancy is the place for you to discover and buy amazing things curated by our global community. Fancy is one of the fastest growing marketplace. Fancy is a social photo sharing webstore and mobile app created by Joseph Einhorn. The New York-based e-commerce site allows users to engage in socially oriented shopping through picture feeds and sharing. Users can purchase products that they see directly from the website, which acts as an intermediary between the consumer and the retailer.
There is no advertising on Fancy, but Fancy allows external merchants to sell their products on the site. Brands and retailers bid to sell items that are fancied. The seller then sets a price based on the demand, or number of fancies, that an item has. After Fancy approves the item, users can then make their transaction on the website. In return for selling other merchants’ products, Fancy takes a small commission of every purchase that is made through the website.