Vend and Amazon Integration

Connect Your Amazon Seller Central Account to Vend (Lightspeed X Series) and Synchronize Inventory and Orders

Interaction with clients and customers is one of the best ways to maximize business revenue and expand the business’s presence. The development of the internet is a boon of technology that makes it much easier to communicate and share thoughts, feelings, and even buy and sell products across the globe. That’s a reason business entrepreneurs, especially small business owners, are looking for ways through which they can rule the online world. By integrating your eCommerce platform and cloud-based POS (point of sale) system, you can stay ahead of the competition. Wondering which POS to opt for and how integration can assist you in materializing your dreams? Keep scrolling further to know how Vendhq and Amazon Integration can be a wise decision for your business.

What is Amazon Seller Central?

Start selling your products on Amazon by creating an Amazon Seller Central account. This is the preferred acquisition and fastest-growing channel for more than half of the multichannel sellers. It empowers all types of businesses and individual sellers to start and successfully run their businesses on Amazon. They can get significant information about sales performance, product pricing, and order management.

What is Vend (Lightspeed X Series)?

Vend is defined as the cloud-based point of sale, or POS, system used by retailers of all sizes and types. It gives you access to the powerful tools and insights you need to run your business effectively, regardless of device type or location.

Since Vend has now joined the Lightspeed family, it is now represented as Lightspeed (X-Series). It assists inventory-based retailers to streamline their business operations, satisfy the increased number of customers, and expand their business across multiple stores and channels. This POS system will definitely provide you with the tools you require to grow, no matter whether you are selling online, in-store, or somewhere in between.

What Makes the Amazon-Vendor Connection Beneficial?

In today’s world of technology, where most tasks are performed digitally, no one wants to put in manual effort to achieve something. POS and eCommerce platform integration services, i.e., Amazon integration with Vend, allow businesses to save time by keeping them well updated on inventory and stock circumstances. Since the entire process gets automated, business owners will be left with enough time to freely emphasize other crucial aspects of expanding their business. This eventually aids in the scaling of the business and the expansion of sales leads across multiple platforms.

How Do Vend (Lightspeed X Series) and Amazon Work Together?

The process of integrating an Amazon Seller Central account with Vend (Lightspeed X Series) differs based on the company or professionals you’re hiring and the tools you’re using. SKUPlugs, a leading platform that automates business procedures, allows Vendhq and Amazon integration in just a few clicks. It is all about three steps, which are described shortly below:

  • 1. Connect:
  • With a few clicks, your Vend (Lightspeed X Series) POS is linked to your Amazon store. Then, you will be provided with a user-friendly and easy user interface to link both platforms.

  • 2. Configure: 

  • Once both platforms are linked, they will be configured to work together based on your business requirements.

  • 3. Sync: 

  • After configuring the platforms, the syncing rules are set accordingly. Now, the product details and other information can be synced easily.

Before establishing the connection, you would need to create a SKUPlugs account and login into that account using valid credentials.

Advantages of an Amazon Seller Central Account Vendor Connection

By connecting your Amazon Seller Central account with Vend (Lightspeed X Series), you can easily manage your inventory on Amazon by adding products, changing product details and pricing, managing orders, responding to customer reviews, and more. The Vendhq and Amazon integration allows businesses or retailers to create their own stores so that their existing and potential customers can get access to their products quickly, conveniently, and accordingly.

Besides this, integration of Vend and Amazon Seller Central accounts benefits in so many other ways, including but not limited to the following.

  1. offers real-time inventory data. This means you can change the products’ price instantly whenever there is a change in demand on Amazon. Sync all web-enabled inventory from Vend (Lightspeed X Series) to Amazon.
  2. Vendhq and Amazon Integration will allow you to better manage your business on the go from anywhere and at any time. It will sync products, stock, and prices from Vend to Amazon.
  3. Because almost all business processes are automated, your employees benefit even more. The employees will have access to updated information about your online business.
  4. Sync the prices of multi-level products and multi-store inventories as well.
  5. When you integrate these platforms, you will be able to send email notifications to your customers when a product is out of stock.
  6. Upload Amazon orders and customers into Vend (Lightspeed X Series).
  7. Because integration allows you to track your customers’ purchasing habits and update stock as needed. You can now offer special deals and discounts to your customers.
  8. Inventory remains 100% precise across all Vend (Lightspeed X Series) POS systems and Amazon.
  9. The integration helps in analyzing data from several sources and then making effective decisions accordingly.
  10. Since now you will be able to better serve your prospective customers, it will improve the overall customer experience and help you develop a long-lasting relationship with them. They will keep on receiving timely notifications about order status and product delivery dates.
  11. A better customer experience will eventually help you generate more sales leads as you automate several business processes.
  12. Real-time sales reports Access to every sold product will aid in more effective business management. It will assist in making informed decisions about your business’s future. This increases business revenue and brand image while also expanding your business’s presence.

Final Touch

The retail management system you are aware of and interested in will keep on improving. And it will do so much faster than ever before. Hence, you would need a one-stop commerce platform and POS system, i.e., Vend Amazon Integration, to successfully stand out in today’s competitive and fast-moving retail environment. But, remember that integrating these platforms is not child’s play. As a result, if you lack comprehensive and detailed knowledge of the integration process, you will require professional assistance.