Windward is a World’s Most Adaptable Business Management Software. It is designed for ultimate smooth sailing an configured for your business in your specific industry. It is easy to learn software helps you run your business, instead of just reporting on it. Windward System Five offers independent retailers powerful point of sale features and controls not normally found in comparable systems. Some key features of Windward are simple payment processing, bar-code scanning, serial number tracking, labour costs, alternate suppliers, signature capture and more.
Our Windward Integration will synchronize your products data with your eCommerce website without any manual work. Our integration will automatically synchronize your sales order and customer details to your POS. Our Windward Integration will automates your retail business process and it save your time, money and additional efforts. Good inventory control is essential to running a successful business. Our Windward Integration provides schedule based inventory tracking, even between multiple eCommerce carts, helping to optimize stock levels. You can even receive inventory to a specific job or work order, so items won't be accidentally over sold.

See Features

  • Create product in Windward POS once and see them reflected on sales channels.
  • Make Windward POS the center of your online business.
  • Connect Windward with eCommerce, sync Inventory, Orders, Customers and automate manual processes.
  • Automatically synchronize Windward POS inventory between multiple marketplaces and website.
  • Constant integration keeps inventory up to date both online and in-store.
  • Full control over product information like Stock, different levels of prices, Long and short descriptions, Title and Images.
  • Sync orders information from website to your Windward POS system.
  • Sync Windward's multiple price levels to website.
  • Sync customers information from website to Windward POS.
  • Assign promotional and sale prices on products as well as regular pricing in Windward POS it will reflect on your sales channels.

Go for SKU Plugs Windward Integration

Being in such a dynamic e-commerce industry we understand how the marketplace operates and what solutions are required to best fit into our client’s business operations. We keep on updating the from the technology front to meet the industry standards, which puts SKU Plugs POS cloud-based integration solution apart from others.

Easy & Free Setup

Creating a setup on our POS integration platform is easy as well as free. We don't charge anything to create and for setting up your POS profile. Integration and some part of customization are done in the real-time environment across multiple & different platforms.

Free Setup

We are Providing free Setup.  Many companies are charging lots of money for creating setup but are providing absolutely free.

We seamlessly integrate your Windward POS across multiple platforms in real-time including and we also provide some customization.

Windward POS cloud-based solutions provide a 3-step smart integration i.e. Organize & deploy, Connect with your website and Start selling. With our solution product-related data is updated automatically once you make any changes in the backend like a name of the product, available inventory, product descriptions, available brands, choice of colors, prices, discount, and many more. Any modification or changes are done in POS it gets automatically synchronized to your website, you don't have to do it again manually as it may lead to errors. Invoices, sales orders, and customers data are also updated in the same way.

Key Benefits Incurred via Windward POS Integration

  1. Order synchronization – Any online business success is measured in terms of how many leads converted into successful orders. Maintaining and processing online order’s is a multi-step process, from customer order to shipment, it involves updating many places. With our Windward POS Integration, you are equipped with an easy interface to do the same and manage it in a real-time environment. As this is also connected to your inventory system, quantities will also get updated in the back-end. Hence, it allows the synchronization of all generated order is much effective & efficient manner.
  2. Customer information sync – In an online business environment, every second a new customer gets registered and many customers already exists. Businesses also give discounts, gift coupons or loyalty bonus to existing customers. It becomes very critical to manage the customer profile, with our Windward POS Integration, you don’t have to stress yourself on this. Every new customer registration along with existing customer profile is updated and the information is synced with every purchase made. And with every unregistered user will be tagged as Lead.
  3. Real-time inventory sync – Managing online inventory is very decisive in many aspects. For example, if any product shows that it is available & can be delivered in 4-5 days and customer makes a purchase. But somehow that product quantity was not synced with the back-end inventory and product is not available, you know what will happen. You will also not lose on the business front but at the same time will also lose customer trust and reliability. But with our Windward POS Integration, inventory management becomes easy and hassle-free, with every online purchase, inventory is updated in real time environment, no matter how many e-commerce platforms you are integrated with, and vice-versa.
  4. No Overselling issue - To avoid overselling require the stringent processes and fast updates to the inventory. When you are engaged with multiple online partners or channels, it may happen that the last product is visible on two different platforms and you end up selling it to both, means your system lacks the inventory updates with second. This is not at all acceptable by many online channel partners and will also lead to customer loss. With Windward POS Integration, inventory is something which is utmost priority, it won't matter with how many channel partners you are selling, your inventory will get updated with every single click. This ensures no overselling happens.

Our Prices

$79  Per Month

$500 Setup Fee

No percentage of transaction fees

Month-to-month subscription/no annual contracts

No hidden charges

24*7  Support, always eager to help

14 days free trial. No credit card required

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